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Kathy and I have been producing podcasts as a couple for a good part of 2016, and 2017.

We started out with the Fixer Upper Podcast. This is a podcast about the HGTV Show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

During the season we watched the Fixer Upper TV Show every Tuesday evening, and then on Wednesdays we recorded a podcast about the episode that we watched the night before. We then upload the new episodes at around noon every Thursday.
Fixer Upper Podcast
We actually recorded a podcast for eighteen episodes of the show this year, and finally quit shortly after the season ended. When season five of The Fixer Upper starts this fall we will restart the podcast.

Since the season was over for The Fixer Upper TV Show we decided to take on another podcast for another HGTV Show.

We decided to podcast about the new HGTV Show Home Town which stars Erin and Ben Napier from Laurel, Mississippi.

This show was a perfect fit since it came out on Tuesdays we could keep the same schedule we had created for the Fixer Upper Podcast.

While recording the ten episodes of the Home Town Podcast we really got to know some of the people involved with the show, and people from the town of Laurel.

By the time the last episode of the season was going to shown on TV we had decided to go to Laurel, Mississippi to see the town, and view the last episode from there.

What a great trip, we had a great time, and made so many friends.2017 Trip To Laurel Mississippi

We toured the town, and went to many of the stores that had been featured on the first season of Home Town.

Ben and Erin's store Laurel Mercantile hosted a meet and greet at which Ben and Erin made an appearance. It was nice to meet Ben and Erin.

Also at the event were most of the home owners that were part of the first season. We really enjoyed meeting everyone.

We watched the last episode of the season in the Arabian Theatre with around two hundred people.

The stars of the show Ben and Erin were also there, and it was quite the event.

Now the season is over for the Home Town TV Show, and that means the season is also over for the Home Town Podcast.

I am not sure at this time if we will just wait until Fall arrives to start podcasting again, or if we will pick a third show to podcast about.

Whatever we decide will be posted at which is the website for the Home Decorating Podcast Network.

Home Decorating Podcast Network

Interviewed On Raw & Real

By CJ Ripka

Raw And Real Live Show

I was interviewed on Raw & Real by CJ Ripka

We had a great conversation about my podcasting Journey.

You can find more episodes of the Raw & Real Podcast at

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Fixer Upper Podcast

Interviewed On The Book District

By Jeremy C. Jones

Book District InterviewI was interviewed by Jeremy C. Jones for Book District Podcast.

You can find more episodes of the Book District Podcast at

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

Home Town Podcast

Interviewed On Podcast Junkies

By Harry Duran

Podcast JunkiesI was interviewed by Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies.

This was a very fun, and a very long conversation.

This may actually be the longest interview I have ever given.

We talked about my life going all the way back to when I was around 4 years old.

You can find more episodes of Podcast Junkies at

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

Home Town Podcast

Podcast Monetization Panel 2017 SMMW

Season 3 Ep 13

Gary-Leland-Show-S3-E13-How-to-Monetize-Your-Podcast-A-Panel-DiscussionGary Leland Show Episode 39
Thanks for tuning into the Gary Leland Show! Today I am bringing you the How to Monetize Your Podcast Panel from the Social Media Marketing World 2017 conference in San Diego, CA. Paul Colligan Hosts with John Lee Dumas, Rob Walch and Myself. We discuss podcast monetization and how to make money through your podcast efforts.

Listen to my episode recapping my experience at the conference here: Social Media Marketing World 2017.

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Ranking High For Joanna Gaines Wallpaper

The HGTV star of Fixer Upper

My wallpaper website has really seen an in sales for the past few months.

We have really seen a growth of sales from the Magnolia Home Wallpaper Book.

I do not know for sure, but I would guess that at this time we are probably selling more wallpaper from the Magnolia Home Wallpaper Book than anyone else in the country.

We are selling so much that I thought I would search on Google, and see how we are ranked under the search term Joanna Gaines Wallpaper.

Of the 618,000 websites Google found in the search results we are ranked number one and number two.

If you look at number three you will notice that is for the Today Show's Website. If you go to that site HERE you will notice that all the orange buy buttons take you to my site

Lelands Wallapper on Google

Then I went to Page two of the Google Results and our site was number four and number five on page two.

lelands wallpaper page 2 on Google

Well How about video search results you may ask. when I search videos we are the entire first page except for one selection.

Lelands Wallpaper Videos on Google

The same thing applies to images on Google, but I am not going to show that image here. I think you get the idea.

I feel our goal of trying to get the website noticed by Google for Joanna Gaines Wallpaper has been a success, and it is now apparent why we are selling so much more wallpaper.

Woot, Woot For WooCommerce

My presentation for DFW WordPress

My Presentation on WooCommerce from DFW WordPress

Tony Cecala runs the DFW WordPress MeetUp Group in Dallas, Texas. This may be the largest MeetUp group in the country for WordPress, but I am not 100% sure on that.

Last week I spoke about WooCommmerce, and thought I would share the video of my presentation with you.

Since WooCommerce is built to integrate with WordPress it was a subject of interest to man of the people in the group.

This was the first time I have spoken about WooCommerce, but since I run 18 WooCommerce Sites I know the subject.

You can see all my WooCommerce sites at

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Interview With Adam Curry, Podcaster Pro

Season 3 Ep 12

Adam Curry and The Podcaster ProGary Leland Show Episode 38
Thanks for tuning into this weeks episode of the Gary Leland Show! Today I am very excited to speak with one of the original founders of podcasting, and all time great podcasters, Adam Curry. We are discussing his new product the all-in-one PodcasterPro™ built by SmallBatch.Audio.

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Ten years in the making, almost in your hands…
“It has been quite the ride bringing my vision of affordable, portable professional podcasting equipment to market. And I’m happy to inform you that we’re almost there!

UPDATE, MAY 30th – The Indiegogo is live at Adam Curry's Podcaster Pro Indiegogo Page.

Stay Up To Date With Adam's Blog HERE.

Find Adam's interview with Todd Cochran on the “Podcast Legends” show HERE.

Podcast Repairman Podcasting Services

HGTV Likes My Podcast

I was excited, but not surprised

HGTV Network HGTV Knows My Podcast

HGTV stands for the Home and Garden Television Network.

HGTV produces a full line up of TV shows about decorating, remodeling, and building. If it has anything to do with a home they probably have a TV show about it. HGTV is a part of the Scripts Network.

Kathy, and I produce podcasts about two of their TV Shows. We produce The Fixer Upper Podcast about the The Fixer Upper TV Show with Joanna and Chip Gaines. We also produce the Hometown Podcast about the Hometown TV Show with Erin and Ben Napier.

Kathy, and I have made several different marketing attempts to get on the radar of the folks at HGTV. We had no idea if they even knew we existed, or if they liked what we were doing with our podcasts.

Our long term goal is to partner with HGTV, but before that can even be possible they must be aware of what we are doing.

Last night while researching information for our website I found a link to a blog post on the HGTV's website. The blog post was written by Erica Reitman, and titled 10 Design Podcasts to Listen to Right Now.

At first I thought that HGTV was producing their own podcasts. Great now I am competing with HGTV instead of partnering with them.

Then I realized our podcast was one of the 10 podcasts listed in the article, and that we were nuber 4 on the list of 10.

Here is what Erin wrote about our podcast.

10 Design Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Wow, now I am confident that HGTV knows about our podcast. I think I can assume they are happy with what we are doing. I am sure our podcast would not be included as number four in Erica's list of ten if HGTV was unhappy with our work.

Even though I have been producing podcasts for over thirteen years, I was still excited to see Erica's review on the HGTV website.

It seemed to validate our work for some strange reason.

If you would like to see the full list of Erika's top ten podcast click HERE.

Home Decorating Podcast Network

Reaching Out To HGTV with Facebook Live

Season 3 Ep 11

Gary Leland Show S3 E11 Reaching Out To HGTV with Facebook LiveGary Leland Show Episode 37
Thanks for tuning into another episode of the Gary Leland Show! Today I am discussing my most recent experiment I am doing with Facebook Live.

I produce two podcasts based on HGTV TV Shows, and I am hoping to reach the creators and producers of the show. I am hoping to get acceptance and approval from them to be able to feature people from the show on interviews and more in the future.

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You can find all three Facebook Live Videos I did on my Public Profile Page or better yet, CLICK HERE to go straight to my post detailing my plan with these videos.

Click the image to RSVP for April 28th!

Gary Leland DFW WordPress Meetup April 28th

This episode I also highlight my next speaking engagement with the DFW WordPress Group in Dallas, TX on April 28th. If you would like to talk to me and ask me any questions about what I am doing with WordPress and WooCommerce please come out and join us. Find more info about Tony Cecala's Meetup group HERE.

Please join my new Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and meet other people eager to help you with your business and marketing!

“There are no stupid questions. It's only stupid NOT to ask your question.”

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Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Book 2

Issues 11 through 20

The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 11 to 20 Book 2

I am proud to bring you my second book in the Fastpitch Magazine series. The Fastpitch Magazine has constantly provided you with articles related to playing, training, coaching, and more.

I have hand selected the best articles from Issues 11 through 20. The featured writers are: Mitch Alexander, Robb Behymer, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Jen Croneberger, Lisa Iancin, Bryan Ingalls, Stacie Mahoe, Cat Osterman, Bill Plummer, Dalton Ruer, Carly Schonberg, Natasha Watley, Aaron Weintraub, and Sherry Werner.

The Paperback Book is available for $19.95 – BUY NOW
The Kindle Version is available for $2.99 – BUY NOW

The chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Mitch Alexander’s Articles
Commitments In Youth Team Sports
Summer Tryout Mayhem – Too Many Choices
An Open Letter to Umpires and Parents
Leadership Matters

Chapter 2 – Robb Behymer's Articles
Let Passion Drive You
Travel Ball
Recruitment Season
Competitive Tournament Value
The Value of Competitive/Showcase Tournaments

Chapter 3 – Charity Butler's Articles
Overcoming Information Overload
Find A Way
Developing Exceptional Bat Speed
Should I Learn To Slap?
Hot Hitting Topic: Linear vs. Rotational Hitting
Pop Flies: Dropping Hands Are NOT the Problem
Strengths vs. Weaknesses: Where to Spend Your Time
Season Prep: See the Ball
Extension Increases Batting Averages
Should the Swing Change with Two Strikes?

Chapter 4 – Rob Crews's Articles
Vision Training: A Mental Or Physical Process
Open Letter To A College Freshman
Developing A Game Plan
In-Game Personalities
The Self- Taught Hitter
The Path of the Hands
Three Things Great College Hitters Do Well
Good to Great: Intangible Traits of Success

Chapter 5 – Jen Croneberger's Articles
One More. Always… One More
Motivation Versus Inspiration. Defining Moments
For Love Of The Game
And In The End… Trust
Confidence Always Comes From Preparation…
How Do You Define Success?

Chapter 6 – Lisa Iancin's Articles
The Priority Position
Game Speed Coaching
The Certainties Behind The Uncertain First and Third Play
Covering The Green
Creating a Defensive Culture
The Dangers of Specialization

Chapter 7 – Bryan Ingalls's Articles
Making Sight Adjustments Mid-Game
Separate Your Game
Respect The Game
Throwing From Your Knees Vs. Throwing Standing Up
Pitcher Catcher Relationship: Nonverbal and Verbal Communication To Teammates
Less is More: The Art of a Pickoff

Chapter 8 – Stacie Mahoe's Articles
Do You Have The Guts To Lose?
3 Smart Softball Coaching Notes
When You Put Your Team First, You Have Fewer Coaching Regrets
College Softball: Wimps and Whiner Need Not Apply
3 More Ways to Raise Your Recruit-ability

Chapter 9 – Cat Osterman's Articles
View From The Stands
To Retire Or Not To Retire…
Who Got Cut? This Girl!

Chapter 10 – Bill Plummer's Articles

They Lost Perspective On The Sport
Playing Fall Softball?
The National Fastpitch Coaches Association
Social Media

Chapter 11 – Dalton Ruer's Articles
But Wait! There's More
Choose Your Partner Wisely
But I Don't Want To!
It's Not A Reasonable Fear
Do It Because You Want To
Just Do Nothing
What a Bunch of Baloney
Protect Your Booty
Putting It All Together

Chapter 12 – Carly Schonberg's Articles
Is Running the Best Workout for Softball Players?
Overcoming Overthrowing
The Common Flaw In Female Pitchers' Mechanics You May Not Even Realize Is There
The Essential Equation for Maximum Pitching Velocity

Chapter 13 – Natasha Watley's Articles
Where Do We Go From Here?
Positivity Jar

Chapter 14 – Aaron Weintraub‘s Articles
Aggressiveness Is Good
Illusions of Confidence or True Learning
The Greatest Feeling In The World: Peak Performance
Trying Hard And Best Effort Are Not The Same
Smart Work Routs Hard Work and No Work Every Time
Success Guaranteed
Begin With The End In Mind (Imagery)
Champions Look At It This Way
Freedom, Courage, and the Mind of a Champion

Chapter 15 – Sherry Werner's Articles
Windmill Wisdom
Footwork Is Critical
Use Your Legs
Importance of the Trunk/Core in Pitching
Arm Motion
Shoulder Stress
Make Sure that Your Windmill Pitcher has Good Mechanics

If you are a fan of fastpitch softball The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 2 is the book for you!

The Paperback Book is available for $19.95 – BUY NOW
The Kindle Version is available for $2.99 – BUY NOW

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Hello HGTV

An attempt to introduce myself to HGTV with Facebook Live.

Video One – April 10th

If you follow me then you know that I am a podcast producer. I have been producing podcasts since the technology was invented back in 2004. I was even inducted into the Academy of Podcaster Hall of Fame in 2016.

I produce two podcasts for TV shows on HGTV.

The first one I created for an HGTV Show was the Fixer Upper Podcast. This is a podcast about the Fixer Upper TV Show that stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Video Two – April 11th

The second podcast I started was for the HGTV Home Town TV Show with Erin and Ben Napier which is located at

Video Three – April 13th

I am trying to get the attention of HGTV, and a couple of the production companies they use to produce these TV Shows.

In this experiment I am creating a set of Facebook Live Videos that I will target market to HGTV.

This blog post will have more content added during the week as I create more videos and content. I feel this is the best way to document my adventure of meeting HGTV.

I have no idea of how this will go, but I guess we will find out together.

Fixer Upper Podcast