2018 Podcast Hall Of Fame

Inductions into the Academy Of Podcasters HOF In Philadelphia

Watch the 2018 Academy of Podcasters Hall Of Fame Inductee Ceremony from Philadelphia.

I thought I would share the video with you. I really enjoyed the event. I gave a short presentation about 6 minutes in.

The following podcasters were inducted into the Hall Of Fame:
ChemdaKeith and the Girl
Dave JacksonSchool of Podcasting
Father Roderick VonhogenThe Daily Breakfast
Grant BacioccoThe Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Keith MalleyKeith and the Girl
Pamela GayAstronomy Cast
Reggie OsseThe Combat Jack Show

This is was a great event.

I hope you can attend next year when we go to Orlando, Florida.

Find more information at Podcast Movement.

Bit Block Boom

Bit Block Boom

A Bitcoin Maximalist Conference

If you have kept up with me you know that I am heavily involved in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

I create podcasts, videos and blog posts about crypto.

I also sell t-shirts, caps and even crypto mining machines.

I have even started a Bitcoin conference with my business partner Tony Cecala.

Tony and I kicked off out first Bit Block Boom Conference in July it was a great success.

The speakers at our first Bit Block Boom Bitcoin Conference were:

Pierre Rochard – Co-Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Saifedean Ammous – Assistant Professor of Economics
Michael Goldstein – President at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Tuur Demeester – Founder, Adamant Capital
Mark Hopkins – Founder of Roger Wilco Agency
Casey Watkins – Crypto Unicorn Money
Nik Bhatia – Investment Manager, Payden & Rygel
Mike Clear – Owner, myhash.io
Felipe Huicochea – CriptoMonedas TV
Ray Redacted – Network & Information Security Researcher
Austin Akers – co-organizer, freeCodeCamp Dallas Chapter

I am not going to go on and on about how great the conference was. Instead here is a link https://BitBlockBoom.com . Take a look at the videos and information for yourself.

Maybe I will see next June at the second Bit Block Boom Conference in Dallas, Texas.


Interviewed On The Behind The Dish Podcast

By John Piper

I was recently interviewed on the Behind The Dish Podcast .

Show host John Piper and I had a great time talking about softball, and podcasting.

I enjoyed the conversation and i enjoyed meeting John.

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

Interviewed On The Power Press Podcast

By MacKenzie Bennett

I was recently interviewed on the Power Press Podcast .

I had a great time talking with MacKenzie Bennett.

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

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The 4 Minute Crypto Video and Podcast

A Crypto Cousins Production

If you follow me, you know that I have become involved in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Involved may not really explain it properly, and obsessed may be a much better description.

I started the Crypto Cousins Network of websites some time ago with my friend and business partner Tony Cecala.

We both loved Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and thought we should get involved in a big way.

The Crypto Cousins Network consists of several different project as follows:

1. Crypto Cousins Podcasts @ CryptoCousins.com/Subscribe

2. World Wide Wallets @ WorldWideWallets.com

3. Bit Block Boom @ BitBlockBoom.com

4. Turnkey Mining @ TurnkeyMining.com

5. Arlington Crypto @ ArlingtonCrypto.com

6. Crypto MeetUp Groups @ CryptoCousins.com/Meetup

These six websites are just the start of what my partner Tony Cecala and I have been creating.

I have started a 7th site in the network and that is the 4 Minute Crypto Show Located @ 4MinuteCrypto.com

This is a video show and an audio podcast that come out every weekday morning.

As you have probably guessed the show last 4 minutes or less.

Take a look at the episode below and see what you think.

To subscribe go to 4MinuteCrypto.com/Subscribe.

Interviewed On The Solopreneur Hour

By Michael O'Neal

Interview on The Solopreneur HourI was recently interviewed on The Solopreneur Hour by Michael O'Neal.

On this interview we talked about growing up as an entrepreneur and the different verticals I am involved with.

You can find more episodes of The Solopreneur Hour at SolopreneurHour.com

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE


Interviewed On The Paint And Wallpaper Podcast

By David Cook

Paint and wallpaper podcastKathy and I were interviewed on The Paint and Wallpaper Podcast by David Cook.

On this interview we talked about our decorating business, wallpaper and podcasting.

You can find more episodes of The Paint and Wallpaper Podcast at DfrancoFinishes.com

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

Home Decorating Podcast Network

Do You Want To Start Mining Cryptocurrency?

View Our Complete List Of Parts

Get Started Mining Cryptocurrency Crypto Miner
Are You Interested in Mining Cryptocurrency?

If you follow me at all you can not help but know that I recently moved into the world of cryptocurrency.

Maybe that statement does not really describe my new adventure properly.

It would probably be more correct to say I have fallen down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency, or I drank the Cryptocurrency Kool- Aid might even be a better term.

It does not matter how you say it, the basic message is that I am totally consumed with this exciting new world.

I have started The Crypto Cousins Network with my good friend and new business partner Tony Cecala.

The network consists of The Crypto Cousins Podcast which you can subscribe to at CryptoCousins.com/Subscribe.

We are presently on episode 19 and pushing out around 50,000 downloads per month.

Of course have a website/blog located at CryptoCousins.com

There is also a new informational site at WorldWideWallets.com to help people when they are trying too find a wallets for their cryptocurrency.

Yes, we have all the social media going including a group on Facebook.
Turnkey Mining
Our new e-store sells mining equipment at TurnkeyMining.com.

This has been one of our most successful parts of the Crypto Cousins Network. We are selling the Ethan plug and play mining machines as fast as we can get the parts to build them with.

We have quite a few people that just want to try and build their own miners. They ask us all the time what parts are we using to build these miners.

So Tony and I are happy to share this information with anyone that asks. To make it easier for people to get I have included the full list of parts for you on this post.

Good luck and I hope this list helps.

Here is our parts list for PC Mining:
Ethan Mining Rig Complete List:

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  • Supports M-ATX and Mini ITX Form Factor Motherboards
  • Designed for use in either a vertical or horizontal orientation on the motherboard
  • Chamber Concept Design with optimized Cable management space for Small Form Factor Builds
  • Stackable and Flexible Thermal Solution. Remarkable Expansion. Advance Ventilation
  • 2x USB 3.0, 1x Headphone, 1x Mic Front Ports, Internal Bay: 3x 3.5"or 2.5"

Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron Desktop Processors
  • Socket LGA 1151
  • Intel 200/1001 Series chipset compatibility (1. Excludes Intel octane technology support)
  • Intel HD Graphics 610

ASUS PRIME H270M-PLUS/CSM LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 H270 mATX Motherboard with USB 3.1
  • Maximize your connectivity and speed with integrated Dual M.2 slots with Intel Optane Memory compatibility, front panel USB 3.0 and a rear USB 3.1 Type C connection
  • 5X Protection III Hardware-level safeguards provide component longevity and reliability
  • FanXpert 4 Core delivers advanced fan control for dynamic cooling. Industry-leading DDR4 memory compatibility for best flexibility and reassurance.
  • Dual Patent-pending Safe Slot Core fortified PCIe slot prevents damage caused by heavyweight GPUs
  • On-board 3D-printing mounts for creating unique designs on your customized build

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini 8GB GDDR5X VR Ready Gaming Graphic Card, DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0, Dual-link DVI (ZT-P10800H-10P)
  • New Pascal Architecture
  • 8GB 256-bit GDDR5X and card length is 211mm x 125mm
  • Virtual Reality Ready
  • 4K Gaming and supports up to 4 displays
  • 1x Dual-link DVI, 3x DisplayPort (1.4), 1x HDMI (2.0b)

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B1, 80+ BRONZE 750W, Semi Modular, 5 Year Warranty, Includes FREE Power On Self Tester, Power Supply 110-B1-0750-VR
  • EVGA 750 B1 - "Next Generation in Power"
  • 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85% efficiency under typical loads
  • Fan Size / Bearing: 135mm Double Ball Bearing
  • 5 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support
  • Heavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), and OTP (Over Temperature Protection)

SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ43-032G-GAM46
  • An ultra-small, low-profile, high-speed USB 3.0 flash drive that's ideal for notebooks
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  • Read speeds up to 150MB/s
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  • Transfer a full-length movie in less than 30 seconds

Antec TrueQuiet 140 140mm Cooling Fan
  • 2-way switch to select fan speed
  • Unique fan blade and silicone grommets to reduce turbulence and noise
  • Tool-less mounting screws for quick and easy installation

Bitcoin: The Who, What and Why

My first Bitcoin presentation

This is my presentation on Bitcoin.

One of my first times presenting on the topic of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

You can see all of my Crypto Videos at https://Youtube.com/CryptoCousins

Subscribe to the Crypto Cousins Podcast on iTunes @ https://CryptoCousins.com/iTunes

Subscribe with Spotify @ https://CryptoCousins.com/Spotify


My Prediction for 2018

On the Social Media Examiner Website

My Prediction for 2018My Prediction for 2018

February marks the start of Social Media Marketing World which is one of my favorite conferences of the year.

This will be the second year in a row I have attended this event, and also the second year in a row I have been speaking on a panel at Social Media Marketing World.

Actually I am on two panels this year which is a first for me.

I am on a panel about using Facebook Groups to grow your marketing. This will be a really great panel, and since I have over 400 Facebook Groups it was a natural fit for me.

I really love being involved with panels at events. If you really know the topic then panels are a real breeze.

The second panel is another topic I am pretty familiar with. The topic is Monetizing your podcast. Since I have been podcasting over 14 years I have picked up a tip or two.

The Social Media Examiner website puts on this event every year in San Diego.

A few months ago the Social Media Examiner Blog sent out an email to the speakers asking them to submit their predictions for the year of 2018.

These predictions would have to do with Social Media, Podcasting, Videos, Etc.

I was surprised and pleased to see that my prediction for 2018 made the number one spot 🙂

My Prediction was Creators Monetize With Cryptocurrencies

Like I said I was very surprised that it made the list at all , but the fact it was number one blew me away.

Sometimes you know a topic so well that it does not seem as exciting as it does to others who are not as involved in the topic.

If you want to see the full blog post go to Social Media Examiner.

There are some great predictions on this post for sure.

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Interviewed On Crypto Talks

By Ani Alexander

Crypto TalksI was interviewed on The Crypto Talks Podcast by Ani Alexander.

On this interview we talked about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and podcasting.

You can find more episodes of The Crypto Talks Podcast at AniAlexander.com

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

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Interviewed On The Readily Random Podcast

By Larry Roberts

Readily RandomI was interviewed on The Readily Random Podcast by Larry Roberts.

On this interview we talked about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

You can find more episodes of The Readily Random Podcast at ReadilyRandom.com

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE


Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Where to buy them

BitcoinI am now a Bitcoin Evangelist.

I have been involved in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for since September on 2017.

That may not seen long by normal standards but in the world of Cryptocurrency that is like 7 years. I say that somewhat as a joke but in many ways it is a reality.

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing and changing at such a fast pace that it is really hard to believe.

For instance I started buying Bitcoin at in September at around $3,600 amd now it is about to pass the $20,000 mark.

The entire world seems to be watching and wondering what to do with Bitcoin.

Since I have become somewhat know as an expert on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency people are always asking me questions.

The number one question I am asked is “Where do I buy Bitcoin?”.

My family members have all asked, along with many of my friends so I thought I would share my recommendation.

I recommend starting out at Coinbase.

Coinbase seems to be the easiest to use, and one of the most reputable exchanges on the market.

If you use my affiliate link at CryptoCousins.com/Coinbase you will receive $10 worth of Free Bitcoin when you open an account of $100 or more. The sweet thing is that I also receive $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you sign up. I call that a win/win deal.

As you get more experienced in the world of Bitcoin you may decide to use another exchange, but for the inexperienced person Coinbase is the best place to start.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase

Back On The Podcaster’s Life

By Alexander Laurin

podcasters coachI was interviewed on The Podcaster's Life By Alexander Laurin again.

I always enjoy talking with Alexander . On this interview we talked about The Crypto Cousins Podcast.

You can find more episodes of the The Podcaster's Life at PodcastersCoach.com

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE


Hey, Air Canada

I Am Going To Venice Not Havana!

Air CanadaHey Air Canada: I Am Going To Venice Not Havana!

This is an unbelievable story of my recent flight on Air Canada.

An incredible vacation with my wife and daughter to Europe starts off as a disaster when I am minutes away from going to Havana, Cuba.

Yes, just minutes away from arriving in Havana, Cuba.

I will start this story in Toronto where my family landed for a short layover and to change planes.

While my wife Kathy and I have been to Europe several times, this was the first time our adult daughter joined us.

As I stated earlier we were in Toronto waiting for our flight to Venice when they called our group number for boarding.

“Group 5 may board the plane at Gate 81″, this is what I heard.

I am the type of person that always likes to board the plane as early as possible so I can put my bags in the overhead closest to me.

For the reason above I always go to the line as soon as they call my group number. Unlike my wife who likes to get her last few minutes in walking for exercise before boarding, typically after me.

I walked up to Gate 81, joined the line and patiently waited my for turn to check in.

When I reached the front of the line I handed my ticket to the Air Canada Employee.

I don’t think he liked his job very much. Sometimes you can just tell from the lack of a smile or the body language that the Air Canada Employee had.

He scanned my ticket and handed it back. It was an uneventful experience like I have had hundreds of times at the airport.

I entered the plane, found my seat, stored my bag and tried to get comfortable.

As people entered the plane I kept an eye out for my family, thinking I would see them any minute.

It was not until the plane was almost full that someone sat in my wife’s seat. The fact that someone sat in my wife’s seat made me wonder what was going on?

Where is my wife and daughter and why is this guy sitting in my wife’s seat?

I needed to figure out what was going on. I looked for a stewardess but could not see one.

I finally starting asked people in the aisle to see their ticket. No one seemed to speak English but I thought if I could see their ticket I could at least confirm to myself I was in the right place.

Finally the 4th person I asked understood me and showed me their ticket.

I looked at their ticket and the first thing I saw was Havana.
Havana!! WTF!! How did I get on a flight to Havana? I have to get off this plane now.

During this time my family boarded the correct flight and their part of the nightmare began.

Expecting to see me in my seat they were definitely concerned not see me seated.

Here Is Their Story From My Daughters Point Of View.

We left DFW early Friday morning ecstatic for my first trip to Europe! We Arrived in Toronto for a layover and had the overnight flight to Venice.

Prior to boarding in Toronto my mother and I told my dad to go ahead as he has baggage he likes to have room in the overhead bin.

My mother and I went to the bathroom, walked around and then got in line at gate 80 to Venice.

Overhead we heard final boarding for Venice gate 81! I thought it was funny because they said the wrong gate, in fact I said I hope no one gets in the wrong line.

As soon as my mother and I got on the plane and walked down the aisle to our row I noticed my dad was not in his seat. I had a bad gut feeling instantly that he was not on the plane.

Moments later the flight attendant was at our row and said “Leland Party of 3?”

I said it is just us two here and I don't think my Dad is on the plane. We all quickly realized he had not gotten on the plane.

I instantly became very anxious and rushed to the front of the plane. I was in conversation with one particular flight attendant and told her how concerned I was and how out of character this was of my father. She told me “He probably stopped at the store” and how this “happens all the time”.

I assured her that this was not typical behavior of him and asked her if I could get off the plane to check the bathroom and surrounding areas for him. I told her I was a marathon runner and would be very fast. She told me no, I couldn't get off the plane unless I didn't want to get back on.

I was trying to call my dad but he wasn't answering. We had all put our phones on airplane mode so we would not incur international calling fees. The flight attendant looked at me and my mother and said “Are you willing to travel without him?” I instantly started crying.

We had a cruise leaving Venice, Italy the next day. We had the overnight flight to Venice. What would we do? How could we leave Toronto not knowing he was okay? We didn't know where he was or what was going on. It was very hard to quickly address the problem even though I have been a nurse for 10 years and can handle life threatening, often time sensitive situations.

As I started crying the flight attendant looked at me and said “You need to be an adult right now! You need to make a decision are you willing to fly without him?” In a very gruff tone! i felt very offended by her comments.

My father has had a few health problems this last year nothing major but I still had my reasons to be concerned that my 62 year old dad is missing, and all she kept saying is “This happens all the time, he's probably at the store.”

I kept telling her you don't know my dad he is not at the store. We paused for a moment and then the flight attendant said “We are pulling his luggage”.

Moments later she said they found my father and he was coming. My Dad came running out of breath, down the gate less than a minute later. He got on the plane and all I could do was hug him and cry.

I was so emotional and happy that he was safe. He later told me the story of how he was on the wrong plane and had boarded gate 81 like they had said overhead instead of the correct flight which was our gate 80 to Venice!

He was on a plane to Havana and when my mother and I didn't show up he asked a fellow passenger to see their ticket and found out that plane was going to Havana.

When he finally got back to the front of the plane the flight attendant was rude and told him he had to run to the next gate. Not only is my dad 62 but recently had surgery and the flight attendant told him he had to run.

Even though it was their mistake they said the wrong gate overhead and scanned his ticket at the counter to the incorrect destination. This event is so disturbing in so many ways! airport security is always very strict in the USA, but Air Canada was truly lacking on this day. It scares me that this can and did happen.

My dad was visibly shaken when he got to his seat and had hurt his calf trying to run. We all just sat there held hands and prayed and thanked god that we were all together and safe and on our way to Venice, Italy.

Once I realized I was on the wrong flight I immediately tried to get off the plane.

I grabbed my backpack and started fighting my way through the crowd of people in the aisle who were attempting to stow their carry ons.

Finally, I reached the front and the flight attendant stopped me.

Where do you think you are going she asked.

I proceeded to tell her I was on the wrong flight, and showed her my boarding pass.

How did you get on the plane she asked? Did you come on the plane using the back way?

Back way, I asked! I did not even know there was a back way. Really, where is the security on this Air Canada plane?

Good thing I was not a bad guy trying to board the wrong plane, or maybe worst just leaving a backpack or package on the plane.

I proceeded to the exit door where I was stopped again. This flight attendant was actually helpful. Once she saw my ticket she called someone on the phone.

You need to RUN she said. Your plane is about to take off!

I actually ran all the way to the gate. Even though the gates were close together, the walkways to the plane were long.

Upon reaching the gate the lady collecting tickets saw me, asked if I was Mr. Leland.

Then in a smart ass tone told me my family was waiting for me and I need to run again, all the way to the plane or I would miss my flight.

Once I saw the actual plane and that the door was open I quit running. I was out of breath and had pulled a muscle in my leg. I don't run, so it kind of took a toll on me.

The flight attendants were only concerned with getting me on the plane, so I went straight to my seat. I still find it odd that even thought they knew I was coming from the incorrect flight to Cuba they never even asked me a single word about my experience of getting on the wrong flight.

Not even a kind gesture of, we are sorry or may we get you a drink, nothing! I realize they are busy with take off but I thought surely they would come check on me later since it is a long flight. The customer service was unacceptable and very disappointing.

The real concern I have is with safety.

I am sure everyone is concerned with safety on flights. After the attack on our county by terrorist that flew planes into buildings killing thousands. So of course safety is a major concern to everyone.

How was I able to hand the agent a ticket to Italy, and be allowed to board a plane to Cuba?

When he scanned the QR Code on my ticket shouldn't it have informed the gate agent that the flight to Cuba was not my flight?

Can I just buy a ticket to anywhere and walk on to any flight that Air Canada has?

Talk about unsafe, uncontrolled, and just plain scary the security was not in place on the day I traveled.

I think it is horrific that not only was I allowed to get on the wrong plane, but if I had not been looking for my wife and daughter I probably would have ended up in Cuba, and probably arrested going through customs.

The United State Government needs to take a look serious at Air Canada to make sure their safety and security is up to our standards, or the next time we have terrorist take over a plane it could be from our northern neighbors.

I hope there will be a formal investigation so this will never happen to another family.
missing person
If the flight to Cuba would have taken off and my family gotten off the plane in Toronto, Canada, it would of been a major disaster.

My family would of filed a missing persons report, and would not have any idea that I was in Cuba.

It makes me sad to think how close we were to making my family worry and suffer due to this horrible error.

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