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Gary Leland Speaking Gary moved to Texas from South Carolina in 1979. Arriving in Texas with less than $10 in his pocket and immediately started a new job as a door to door salesman selling storm windows and doors.

He married Kathy Morey and has now been married 35 years. In 1981 he and Kathy opened their first retail store selling decorating products. Today Leland's Wallpaper is not only still in business, but is the largest wallpaper store in Texas. They sold Leland's Wallpaper in 2021.

In 1989 Gary made his first and only appearance in a Major Motion Picture when he was a featured extra in the movie Born On The Fourth Of July staring Tom Cruise. You can read about that experience in Gary's article Hanging Out With Tom Cruise.

Dallas 100 Award

Dallas 100 Award

By 1991 Gary & Kathy's business was included in the SMU Dallas 100 Awards as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Dallas, Texas.

In 1996 everyone told Gary that creating a website to sell wallpaper was not only crazy, but stupid. One manufacturer even went as far as to tell him ” No one will ever buy wallpaper on the Internet.” So he created his first e-commerce website that same year and it was an immediate success. As Gary always says “Free advice is worth what you paid for it.”

Draperies and Window Coverings Magazine

Draperies and Window Coverings Magazine

During the 90s Gary and Kathy were featured in several decorating magazines for their marketing efforts of using the internet, and in home sales to grow their business.

In 2000 Gary created Softball Junk, which was the first website for women's fastpitch softball equipment. He coached a softball team for his daughters and had a hard time finding equipment for the team, so he created his own store.

Gary had no idea that moving into the world of softball equipment would change his life forever. He not only became a celebrity in this niche, and the softball videos he has edited and produced for Fastpitch TV have been viewed Millions of times.

Due to his involvement in softball Gary ended up serving as the Director of Social Media for the 3.5 million member United States Sports Specialty Association.

Gary Closed SoftballJunk in 2021

In November of 2004 he heard about a new technology called podcasting, and produced his first sports podcast by December of that same year.

By 2006 Time Magazine included Gary's podcasting website in their list of The 50 Coolest Websites on the Planet. In 2007 Podcast Pickle won the Podcast Peer Award in the Best Podcast Directory Category.

In 2010 Gary was Interviewed on The Fox News Channel about his video podcast & website for the Fastpitch TV Show

From 2011 to 2014 Gary served on the Brookhaven College Technology Advisory Council in North Dallas.

Gary published Podertainment for podcasters for four years, and the Fastpitch Magazine for softball players for six years. He has additionally published over 17 e-books.

The videos he has produced for the sport of softball have been viewed millions of times on You Tube.

Podcast Hall Of Fame Award

Podcast Hall Of Fame Award

Gary was one of the first 100 podcasters on the planet, and was a cofounder of Podcast Movement which has become the largest Podcasting conference on the planet.

Gary has been involved in Dallas Ft Worth Meet Up Groups as co-founder of  Podcast Dallas, and the founder of The BitBlockBarbeque Meet-Up Group.

In 2016 Gary was inducted into The Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame, and included in the Pod 11 – The most influential Entities in Podcasting.

Selling and marketing by any means possible is what Gary does, and knows best. If it is a new type of media Gary has probably already experimented with it, and incorporated it into his marketing program.

Between Gary's brick & mortar stores, his e-commerce sites, all his blogs, podcasts, and videos Gary knows how to sell, and market almost anything.

Gary's goal is to share his 40 plus years of retail, e-commerce, and marketing experience. To help you succeed in your own business.

In 2017 Gary moved into the world of Home and Garden TV (HGTV) with his two newest podcasts the Fixer Upper Podcast and the Hometown Podcast. Both of these podcasts help him market his wallpaper store, and decorating websites.

These two podcasts are growing so fast that Gary has created the Home Decorating Podcast Network. This will be the place to find all the media and content that Gary produces ion the world of decorating.

Gary has been on the speaking circuit since 2005, making appearances from coast to coast. Gary makes himself available to any group that is interested in having him make an appearance. You can find Gary's speaker page HERE.
Gary Leland Proclamation Gary Leland Day
In 2017 Mayor Williams, and the Arlington, Texas City Council proclaimed March the 1st as Gary Leland Day in honor of Gary's podcasting and Entrepreneurial endeavors. You can read Gary's post about that experience HERE.

In March of 2017 Gary started serving on the Advisory Board for the Arlington YMCA. Gary's grandfather was very involved with the YMCA back in the 40s and 50s so it seemed like a perfect place to volunteer his time. Hw worked with the YMCA until 2020.

Gary was also added to the list of 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow in March of 2017.

Gary was a regular guest on Biz Talk TV as the Social Media Expert on The Mark Joeckel Show every Thursday afternoon through out 2017.

in 2017 Gary dipped his toes into the world of Bitcoin and started a new vertical.

The BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference which started in Dallas Texas in 2018 and really took off in 2019. The 2023 event will be located in Austin, Texas and should have around 1,500 attendees.

In 2019 Gary became an advisor for  SwanBitcoin.com Which is a great site for investing in Bitcoin with dollar cost averaging. Not only is Gary an advisor for these 2 sites, but he also own part of these companies.

To say Gary has gone down the Bitcoin rabbit hole is an understatement.

In March of 2020 Gary accepted the role of Executive Vice President of podcasting for Biz Talk Radio. This was a perfect match for Gary since he has been involved with podcasting almost since the creation.

In 2021 Gary started The Bitcoin Boomer show which is a weekly TV show for independent channels in the US.

If you want to see Gary's speakers page go to GaryLeland.com/Speaking.

The following is a list of everything Gary has done. In 2021 Gary Retired and ether sold or shut down most of the sites on this list.

E-commerce Sites:

1. CLOSED SoftballJunk.com is your one stop shop for everything fastpitch softball. Here you can get everything from training aids to equipment used while playing.
2. CLOSED BaseballJunk.com is going to be your #1 destination for everything baseball. This site was created to stock everything you might need while you are off or on the field.
3. CLOSED SoftballStuff.com is your favorite site for everything softball. Here you will find bats, gloves, pants and much more.
4. CLOSED BaseCoachHelmets.com is where you can go to find all your base coach helmets and well as coaching aids. We stock all the top brands like Easton, All-Star, and Rawlings.
5. CLOSED BatTape.com is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little pop to your favorite bat. Here we sell a variety of bat tape from patterned ones to solid colors as well as accessories for your bat and more.
6. CLOSED EyeBlackStickers.com No matter what team you are on you are sure to find an eyeblack sticker that will work for you. This site features many different ones from solid colors to designs.
7. CLOSED Faceguards.com is where you want to go to get any type of face protection while on the field. Here you will find many different brands as well as designs to better get one that matches you.
9. CLOSED BuntSock.com Ever want to learn to bunt but just couldn't figure out where to hit the ball on the bat? The bunt sock is the perfect training aid for you. It fits easily over most bats and has colored dots to show you where to hit the ball.
10. CLOSED StrikeZoneMat.com is the ultimate pitching aid. This mat features 3 colors to show the pitcher where to throw the ball correctly.
11. CLOSED WeightedBalls.com is where you want to go to get all your training aid balls. We stock a variety of weighted balls measuring 9,11, and 12 inches as well as oversized balls and training aids.
12. CLOSED WindmillTrainer.com is a training aid to help teach you proper pitching technique. The Windmill Trainer attaches to your leg so when you are pitching you hit the flap to let you know when to release the ball.
13. CLOSED MiniHelmets.com is the perfect gift for any sports fan. Here we sell mini college and NFL helmets that are perfect for decoration or to get signed by your favorite football team or player.
14. CLOSED CatchersZone.com For any catcher this site is going to be the best place to get all your catching equipment in one place. We sell everything from catcher's bags to skull caps in a variety of sizes and styles.
15. SOLD LelandsWallpaper.com  is the perfect place to get all your wallpaper and decorating stuff. We sell a variety of different wallpaper designs and backdrops for any age and any type of home.
16. CLOSED BrickWallpaper.com One of our favorite wallpaper around is the brick wallpaper. This wallpaper is made to look like a brick background that complements any home.
17. CLOSED MuralWallpaper.com will transport you to almost anywhere in the world. This wallpaper is made to look like a backdrop of your favorite places.
18. CLOSED BallStickers.com Learn to better focus on the ball while training with these ball stickers. Each pack comes with 3 different designs in 3 different colors.
19. CLOSED WristbandCoach.com is the easy way to help your players remember all the signs and signals during the game. Each wrist coach comes with a playcall window to write down anything you might need to remember during a game.
20. CLOSED SoftballFacemasks.com is the best place to find any type of fastpitch softball facemask. This site contains different patters, styles, and brands of your favorite facemasks.
21. CLOSED TurboSlotGloves.com is perfect for any player that wants to improve their hitting. This glove includes padding for instant strength, power, and bat speed.
22. DillDomains.com  This is my GoDaddy (Wild West) account. Do you need a domain name? Please consider buying it from my Godaddy reseller account. The only difference between buying direct from Godaddy and DillDomains is the fact that I make a small commission when you buy from DillDomains.com.

Informational Sites:

1. CLOSED USAfastpitch.com is where you go to find out more about your favorite olympic players and coaches. Here you will find history and stats about the teams and games.
2. CLOSED SoftballCoaches.com is where you would want to go to find everything you would want to know about coaches of the teams in the WCWS. Here you will find biographies, history, and stats of the coaches.
4. CLOSED InteriorDecorate.com Here you will find everything you would need to know about interior decorating. This blog features frequent wallpaper book reviews and tips on how to better decorate your home.
5. CLOSED Social Media Marketing Group This site is where you can join us for the next Social Media Marketing Group. This monthly meet up is a great place to network as well as get helpful tips on how to efficiently use social media whether you are a beginner or an expert.
6. CLOSED Fastpitch TV Network This site has more free softball information then any other site. Here you will find drills, blog posts, radio shows and much more.
7. CLOSED Fastpitch Radio Bringing you everything you would want to know about softball. FastpitchRadio.com features many different ways to learn more about softball. Listen to everything from history shows to our newest show softball trivia.
8. SOLD Podcast Movement All the news you could want at podcasting in one site. This site lets you look at different schedules and information on how to register to attend Podcast Movement.
9. Podcast Dallas This site is you source of the world of podcasting in Dallas. Here you will find a resource of podcasters information and skills.
10. CLOSED Fastpitch Softball Cheers This site includes over 50 unique cheers you can get to help cheer your team to victory.
11. CLOSED Softball Junkie Follow Coach V as he brings humor to the game of Softball.


1. Marketing Your Retail Store in an Online World is an online book based on fifteen people I've interviewed about selling products on the internet.
2. 100 Great Podcasting Tips Want to learn more about podcasting but don't know where to start? This book is perfect getting advice, tips, and resources from podcasters just like you about how to succeed in the business.
3. The Fastpitch Book is a compilation of 20 great coaches giving 20 great tools to improve your game.
4. Travel Ball Advice Book gives you 100 tips on moving from recreational ball the travel ball and what to expect when you get there.
5. Series Of Their Own is where you will find a comprehensive book about the history of the Women's College World Series.
6. The Complete Book of Softball Drills contains many different practice drills for runners, pitchers, hitters, catchers, and fielders.
7. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 1 Here you will find answers to questions asked on Fastpitch TV's Facebook page by the Fastpitch TV Family.
8. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 2 The second volume where I answer another 20 questions on Fastpitch Softball.
9. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 3 The third volume where I answer another 20 questions on Fastpitch Softball.
10. Softball Pitching Drills is a compilation of softball pitching drills to better improve your game. Not only will you increase the strength in your arm but you will learn mechanics that will be useful to you your entire pitching career.
11. Softball Hitting Drills Improve your hitting skills with these drills so next time you are at bat you will be confident that you are going to hit any type of pitch.
12. Softball Catcher Drills  is the book to read for anyone who wants to improve their catching skills. This book features drills you can practice on your own or with a team.
13. Softball Fielding Drills Want to improve your fielding skills. This book features many different fielding exercises to perfect your fielding skills today!
14. Softball Base Running Drills 36 great tips and drills to improve your base running skills.
15. The 2016 Women's College World Series In Review In this book you will find everything you would want to know about the 2016 WCW's. Here you will find stats, player bios, team bios, game notes and much much more.
16. Fastpitch Magazine Book 1 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 1-10 Book 1: Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Digital Magazine Issues 1-10. This book is great for any player, coach, or parent.
17. Fastpitch Magazine Book 2 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 11-20 Book 2: Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Digital Magazine Issues 11-20. This is the second volume in my series covering all the issues published for the Fastpitch Magazine.
18. Fastpitch Magazine Book 3 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 21-30 Book 3: Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Digital Magazine Issues 21-30. This is the third volume in my series covering all the issues published for the Fastpitch Magazine.
19. Fastpitch Magazine Book 4 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 31-40 Book 4: Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Digital Magazine Issues 31-40. This is the fourth volume in my series covering all the issues published for the Fastpitch Magazine.
20. Fastpitch Magazine Book 5 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 41-50 Book 5: Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Digital Magazine Issues 41-50. This is the fifth volume in my series covering all the issues published for the Fastpitch Magazine.


1. The Crypto Cousins Podcast, Tony Celcala and Gary Leland are the Crypto Cousins. They are jumping into the world of Cryptocurrency and want you to join them.
2. The Gary Leland Show is where I share my 35 years of retail experience and tips on how to succeed in owning your own online business.
3. Today In Podcasting Here you hear Paul Colligans, P. Dilly, David Jackson, and Robert Walch talk about podcasting. This includes guest interviews, news, and podcast talk.
4. Fastpitch TV Show includes interviews and softball tips from olympians, Hall of Fame Players, and Coaches.
5. Fixer Upper Podcast is a podcast Gary produces with his wife Kathy Leland where they post weekly and talk about the hit TV show Fixer Upper.
6. Softball Trivia Podcast Every week I bring you a trivia question about all things softball. Here you can not only test your knowledge about fastpitch softball you can expand it.
7. Fastpitch Magazine Podcast Softball Trivia Podcast For the softball lover softball magazine comes with tips and interviews with coaches, players, and parents. Here you will hear everything you would want to know about the history of softball.
8. Softball Academy Podcast Fastpitch Magazine Podcast is where you want to go to hear about tips to improve your game. Each show features your host Shannon McDougall talk about tips and training tricks to help improve your game.
9. Fastpitch Expert Podcast In this podcast your host Dr. Sherry Werner answers your frequently asked questions and tips on how to overcome challenges in fastpitch softball.
10. Fastpitch History Want to learn more about Fastpitch Softball? In this podcast you will hear more about the history of fastpitch softball by your host Dr. Dot Richardson.
11. Home Town Podcast is the second podcast Gary produces with his wife Kathy Leland. They post weekly and talk about the hit TV show Home Town


1. CLOSED Softball Junk Your favorite shop for anything softball. Here we stock hundreds of merchandise from training aids to clothing. We also have an embroidery shop to make you anything custom designed you would need for a game or school.
2. SOLD Leland's Wallpaper & Interiors One of the biggest wallpaper stores in the area here you will find a variety of wallpapers and home accessories in many different styles, shapes, and patterns.

Video Shows:

1. Crypto Cousins Videos Get all your questions answered as you follow Tony and Gary through their project dedicated to Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.
2. Wallpaper Book Reviews Get all your questions answered with the wallpaper book review. Find out the newest trends for the time and how you can decorate to better bring out colors in your home.
3. Softball Review Show Get the scoop on all your softball equipment gear with the softball review show. Here you will hear about different products, how to use them, and how they can help you play better on the field.
4. Fastpitch Chat Show This show features questions about Fastpitch Softball sent in by players, coaches, and parents. I find people with years of experience to help me answer your tough questions.
5. Women's College World Series On this show you will see everything from the Women's College World Series you might have missed as well as bonus content just I get from being there.
6. Fastpitch Softball Cheers Show Get the best cheers for your next game with this show. Here you can get different cheers to help motivate your team to a win.
7. Win Some Softball Stuff This softball show is a once a month production that gives you a chance to win softball gear.
8. The Cranky Coach The Cranky Coach is a humorous video of the ups and downs of coaching fastpitch softball.
9. Fastpitch TV Show This is your one place for everything softball. The Fastpitch TV show is where you will find everything you could ever want to know about softball from history to interviews with coaches.

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Gary Leland's Previous Speaking Events

2017 Social Media Marketing World – San Diego, California

2017 DFW WordPress – McKinney, Texas

2017 University of Texas at Arlington – Arlington, Texas – Marketing Club

2017 Podfest Orlando Florida – Keynote Speaker

2017 DFW Social Media Marketing Group – McKinney, Texas

2016 WordCamp – Arlington, Texas

2016 Big Design – Dallas, Texas

2016 SBECON – Texas A&M – Commerce, Texas

2016 Digital By Dallas – SMU – Dallas, Texas

2016, 2014 Rocks Digital – Addison, Texas

2016 Ft Worth WordPress – FT Worth, Texas

2016 Small Business Network – Arlington, Texas

2015, 2014 Podcast Dallas – Dallas Texas

2015 Showtime – Arlington, Texas

2015 WordPress DFW – Dallas Texas

2015 DFW Cre8tors Club – Dallas, Texas

2015 SEO Dallas – Dallas Texas

2015 Dallas Interactive Marketing – Dallas Texas

2014 Emerging Tech Conference – Addison, Texas

2014 New Media Expo – Las Vegas

2013 USSSA National Convention – Tampa. Florida

2011, 2012, 2013 Podcamp Dallas – Dallas, Texas

2011 OpenCamp – Dallas, Texas

2010 Podcast Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada

2009 DragonCon – Atlanta, Georgia

2008 SXSW – Austin, Texas

2006 Podcamp San Antonio – San Antonio, Texas

2006 Podcamp New York – New York City, New York

2005 Podcast Expo – Ontario, California

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