I Have Lost Over 100 Pounds


If you have known me during the last ten to fifteen years, then you know I have gained some weight. I am really being super kind to myself to say that. I really should say that I got fat as a pig, and I was weighing in at over three hundred, and fifty pounds.

I did not have a problem calling myself fat when I weighed three hundred, and fifty pounds, and I am still fat at two hundred, and forty one pounds. Yes I said two hundred, and forty one pounds, and that means I have lot over one hundred, and eleven pounds. That is a lot of weight.

fatGaryIt has taken quite a while to loose this much weight. I did not gain it over night, and I did not loose it over night. People who have not seen me in a while really notice. I hear things like OMG, You have lost some weight!, and “Have you been on a diet?”

There are two questions people ask me over, and over. The first question is “Do you feel a lot different?” Well yes I do fell a lot different. I say that, but I feel different in ways that skinny people don't think about. An example is I had to ask for an extender for my seat belt on a flight some time ago. Now that is kind of a wake up moment, and embarrassing to say the least. I was too fat to buckle the seat belt on the plane. It is things like that where I feel the big difference, and I could name quite a few more examples.

People also ask “How did you loose so much weight?” Well Weight Watchers is what I tell them. It may not be super fast, but it has worked great for me. I also love the fact that I can go into almost any restaurant in the world, and eat something that is on the menu.

I have to say I am happy to have lost over one hundred pounds, but I still have forty one to go. I stated at three hundred, and fifty two pounds , and I want get down to one hundred, and ninety nine pounds. I still have a ways to go, but it sure seems a lot more reachable than it did a year ago.

Wish me luck.


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