Sammy Davis Is Not Here

sammy-davis-jrYou are probably as tired as I am of being called by telemarketers.

At my office I get so many phone calls from telemarketers it is unbelievable. When my employees answer the phone they know to screen the calls. I just don't have time to talk to all the telemarketers.

Every once, and a while I answer the phone myself. That is the best chance they have of getting to talk to me. Once when I answered the phone, the person on the other line asked for the owner. I stated that the owner was not around, and they proceeded to ask for the name of the owner. The name Sammy Davis just popped out of my mouth.

I am not sure why I said Sammy Davis, but I did. Afterwards everyone in the office asked who is Sammy Davis. As you may have guessed everyone that works for me is under thirty, and had no idea of who Sammy Davis was.

On that day I told everyone at my office that we had a new policy. Whenever anyone calls asking for the owner they are to say he is not there. Then when they ask for his name they are to say his name is Sammy Davis.

After a year of giving the name Sammy Davis, I now get phone calls for Sammy Davis everyday. It has created the perfect method of screening phone calls. Anytime I get a phone call for Sammy Davis it can only mean one thing. That the person calling is a telemarketer.


Now I even get mail delivered by the post office for Sammy Davis. I assume the telemarketers sold the name to junk mailers. Every time I get a phone call, or some junk mail for Sammy the entire office gets a laugh. It turns out that is is the perfect way to screen a lot of unwanted phone calls, and junk mail too.

If you have a problem with telemarketers at you office, you may want to come up with someone of your own.

Oh, if you don't know who Sammy Davis is visit,_Jr.


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