The Softball Junkie

A few months ago I started a set of comic strips for fastpitch softball. I thought it would be a great for my target audience (softball people).

While the comic has been enjoyed by quite a few people, it has also become a great way to advertise my company at very little cost. If you look at the comic strip you will see that the opening portion of the comic strip has two of my websites placed inside of it. Creating an advertising opportunity for both The Fastpitch TV Show, and

Softball Junkie 1

You may be thinking that the amount of advertising I will get out is this won't amount to anything, but I have to disagree. You need to remember that this comic strip is pretty much the only comic strip for the fastpitch softball audience.

Then realize that the Softball Junkie Comic Strip is evergreen material. I mean it will be as interesting five years from now, as it is right now. Then take the fact that Google is indexing the comic strip in their image search database, will get it seen by a large number of people. Then those people will share it on countless blogs, Facebook Pages, and other social media sharing sites. The entire time my company is still featured in the opening of the comic strip.

I could be wrong, but I think long term this will be some of the cheapest advertising I have ever produced.


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