USSSA, Social Media, And Me

As many of you may know I have been the State Director of USSSA Fastpitch Softball for the State of Texas a little over 2 years.

In case you are not familiar with USSSA, it originally stood for United States Slow-pitch Softball Association. However, in 1998 USSSA expanded in other sports. Currently USSSA governs 13 sports across the US, Puerto Rico, various US Military bases, and Canada with a membership of over 3.7 million.


Thanks to help I have received from Darren Darracq, My Assistant State Director, USSSA Fastpitch softball has grown by leaps and bounds in Texas. USSSA had a little over 300 fastpitch softball teams in Texas 2 years ago. This year (2014) USSSA is on goal to break the 1000 team mark.

Texas is even hosting a World Series Tournament in 2014. The future of USSSA fastpitch softball in Texas looks brighter than ever.

Now I have been asked to take on a new position for USSSA. The position of National Director of Social Media. I will be working to grow USSSA into the world of social media. The size of an organization like USSSA makes this a great honor, while being a gigantic task.

Back in 2006 Time Magazine choose my website as one of the 50 coolest websites in the world. I have to tell you that was very cool, and very exciting. was a podcast directory that had a huge social media environment built into it. I had no idea at the time where the world of social media would take me.

Then add the fact that (Da' Bomb) the fastpitch softball team I coached for my daughters won the USSSA Texas State Championship for fastpitch softball 2 times. Once as a 14 year old team, and a second time as a 15 year old team makes me feel this position is a perfect fit for me.

I have always enjoyed the world of social media, and have had great experiences with USSSA, so how could this be anything but perfect.

Again, I am honored that USSSA asked me to be their first National Director of Social Media. With over 3.7 million members USSSA may be the largest sports organization on the planet. I also want to thank Don Dedonatis for choosing me with this task.

Here is a link to a USSSA press release.


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