Marketing Part 2

From The Gary Leland Show

Marketing Part 2 The first website I created back in 1996 was Leland's Wallpaper is the largest wallpaper store in Texas, and was probably one of the first wallpaper websites on the internet.

So much time went by that it barely functioned. Not being mobile friendly was only one of the problems with this old website.

On this episode of the Gary Leland Show I talk about how I am using the Fixer Upper TV Show to market the site.

By the way it is working. Sales have been going wild!


P.T. Barnum’s Quote Needed An Update


I am a big fan of P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum

I think P.T. Barnum was the greatest marketer of the 19th century, and maybe of all times.

P.T. Barnum lived in the 1800s and is remembered for promoting many hoaxes and for founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

He was also an American politician, showman, and businessman.

He is known for many great quotes, but my favorite quote of his is “I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right”

I believe that is P. T. Barnum was alive to day he would of preferred the quote “I don't care what you say about me, just spell my Domain right”

Just a quick thought that I thought I would share with you.

Dill Domains

Creating Fixer Upper Products

for the Fixer Upper Podcast

If you have been keeping up with everything I do then you already know I started a new podcast with my wife to help market our decorating websites.

Kathy, and I decided to produce a podcast about the HGTV Fixer Upper TV Show.

The TV Show has ben one of the top shows on HGTV, and has brought quite a bit of fame to the show hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Every Tuesday Kathy and I watch the latest episode. Then we record our podcast on Wednesday night. I edit, and upload the podcast Thursday around noon.

As part of our marketing program I decided to create Fixer Upper Gear to sell on the podcast, and the website too.

Fixer Upper Podcast Cap $19.95

The first thing I created was the Fixer Upper Podcast Caps. I think it is a perfect fit too sell on the podcast. I thought it would be an item that men would like, and since this podcast will attract more women listeners they might buy the caps for their husbands.

The Fixer Upper Podcast Hat

Next I created a ladies t-shirt. Instead of creating a t-shirt for the podcast I made a generic fixer upper t-shirt. The t-shirt says “GOD, knows I am a Fixer Upper”. I thought that was a great saying, and made a cute t-shirt. Only time will tell if this is a winner or not, but I think it will be.

Fixer Upper T-shirt $19.95

Select A T-Shirt Size Then Click The Paypal Button


Both items are available now, and will ship to customers within 24 hours.

I hope you enjoy the first 2 items for the Fixer Upper Podcast.

Fixer Upper Podcast

Marketing The Part 1

From The Gary Leland Show

The first website I created back in 1996 was Leland's Wallpaper is the largest wallpaper store in Texas, and was probably one of the first wallpaper websites on the internet.

So much time went by that it barely functioned. Not being mobile friendly was only one of the problems with this old website.

On this episode of the Gary Leland Show I talk about what I have done to remake the site in a much better format, and how I am marketing it in the new world of social media.

By the way it is working. Sales have been going wild!


Hanging Out With Tom Cruise

Born On The fourth Of JulyYes, I was hanging out with Tom Cruise.

During my one, and only appearance in a major motion picture. I was in the movie Born On The Fourth Of July with Tom Cruise.

Being in a major motion picture was a great experience. For a full week I was hanging out with Tom Cruise, and having a blast. While doing this I really learned a lot about Movie Magic while there. It makes for a great story that I am going to share with you. A story of how some opportunities are made, not given.

It all started one day while driving to work in Dallas. I was listening to the radio, and a story came on about a movie being filmed at the Dallas Convention Center. Since I was a salesman and could schedule up my own day I went straight downtown to the conventions center to see what was going on.

Walking in the convention center I saw a hundreds of people hanging out, and waiting for something to happen. I was told they were the extras for the movie. I was told that if I wanted I could just wait with them. That I could be an extra in the movie, so I waited.

After about thirty minutes of waiting I heard a voice on the speaker say “All secret service agents come to east door”. I decided to go to the east door and see what the story was on the secret service agents. When I arrived at the east door I saw twelve men all wearing nice suits. Since I had a suit and tie, I knew would fit right in.

I remember when one of the people in charge of the cast came over, and started counting. I almost laughed when he said “there is thirteen of you guys. There is only suppose to be twelve.” I thought I was busted for sure. Then he said, “Oh well come on everyone lets go.” The next thing I knew we were all going to over to get our guns, badges, and earphones. Basically, they gave us everything a secret service agent would need.

After we were given our gear we were all marched into the arena. This was where the filming for the Republican Convention would take place. I was then assigned a spot to stand at. I was just suppose to stand at this spot, and stay there during the entire filming of the movie.

My New Spot

I have to tell you this was a terrible spot to stand. The camera would never see me if I stayed in this spot. I was very removed from the action, so I had to move. I moved to the main aisle, where all the filming was going on. The aisle that Tom Cruise would be rolling down in his wheel chair. I found a good spot, and just stood there like that was my assigned spot.

Before I knew it another guy came by, and told me to run into the crowd. He told me to help remove Tom Cruise from the convention center when all the fighting started. It was not five minutes later before the original guy, who told me where to stand came by. “What are you doing in over here?” he said. I simply pointed to the other guy, and said “he told me to stand here”. That was all it took to make this my new assigned spot.

For the next week I was within thirty feet of Tom Cruse all the time. I was right in the middle of the action. Personally, I thought Tom was great. He hung out with everyone between scenes. He was very pleasant, and talked all the time. I know people give him a hard time, but my only experience with him was great.

It took close to a week to film this one scene. I was amazed how long it took to get this one scene done. It is hard to believe that after a week of being in all that action, and that close to Tom I am only in the movie for a few seconds.

I guess most of my scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Oh well thats show biz, and the end of my story.

Just remember that sometime you have to make your own opportunities in life. The things that are left to those who wait, are left by those who hustle.


Case Study of Gary Leland

By Christian Tippens

Gary A few months ago a young lady from the University of Texas at Arlington came in my store, and asked if she could interview me for a case study she had to do in one of her classes.

I really do not think she had any idea of who I was. She simply came in because her boy friend was a softball player and suggested me as an interesting interview subject.

I just received her Case Study and while she did get a few facts wrong, all in all it was pretty good.

I thought I would share it with you.

Gary Leland, a South Carolina native with just a high school education would have never foreseen the promising happy life he has now. Leland came from nothing and everyone that he knew from his neighbors to all of his family members were all manual labors, his parents even sent him to a two year vocational school so that he could learn the craftsmanship of being an electrician.

Leland did not want that to be his story in life, so he moved to Texas in 1979 in his early twenties to get away from his environment and start fresh. He knew he couldn’t be great living in his hometown. Leland started out as a salesman in home sales with just $24 he built himself a small empire by selling mini blinds door to door, which now has turned into numerous small successful businesses.

Leland, an owner of which came into fruition in 2000, then he turned the website into an actual store in 2001. The store was the first fast pitch softball store to be established in the country. Leland’s store is a small but lucrative shop that originally sold just softball gear, but over the years developed into also carrying baseball gear is celebrating its 14’Th year in business. Leland, a father to two girls, Amanda and Lauren one could say he owes a certain amount of gratitude to his daughters. Gary’s daughters both played softball and he was their coach.

Gary first created in 2000 to help pay for the cost of uniforms and equipment, with four teams under his belt, one can imagine how expensive playing softball could be.

Gary also owns Leland’s Interiors which was founded in 1981 by Gary and his wife Kathy. The Lelands first began selling mini blinds, and now sell custom blinds, wallpaper and other decorative textiles to suit all customer needs rather it be business or personal.

Leland’s online world began in 1996, he has 25 websites and is the owner of 450 Facebook groups with 100,000 followers, he has written a number of books and owns and runs two magazines, he is the former National Director of Social Media for 3.7 million member strong United States Specialty Sports Association.

Leland has his own show the Gary Leland Show, along with Fast Pitch T.V. Network. He owns and runs and is the publisher of Podertainment Magazine, a magazine at a rate of $12.99 a month, which welcomes ideas for original editorial content from guest writers. Leland is believed to be one of the first 50 pioneers of podcasting.

At a point in time in the interview Mr. Leland described his business as a wagon wheel, all spokes… his websites, his books, and his magazines all lead back to his stores Sports Junk and Leland’s Interiors.

Gary first started working in small jobs that most teenage kids have while maturing and growing up. Gary worked at a clothing store, he did telephone sales in high school and worked at a dance studio signing people up for classes, working at the dance studio was one of his favorite jobs; “It was a blast working at the dance studio, all we did was play around.”

After high school, Gary, a 27 year old young man worked for a marketing company which travelled 3-6 months per city opening cable t.v. markets that taught people how to be door to door salesmen. The business was supposed to move on to Louisville, Kentucky but he met Kathy, his wife to be and stayed in Texas and started selling storm windows.

He wanted to get out of in home sales so he got involved with a vending food company. The company ran restaurants for larger corporate companies, General Motors was one of the accounts Gary personally ran. Gary stayed with the company for a year or two and then went back to in home sales selling mini blinds door to door, at that time new houses and sub divisions were built and no one had mini blinds to protect their privacy.

New home owners would just put up sheets, the 1 inch mini blinds had come into fashion and the blinds couldn’t be purchased at home depot or other retail stores. Gary would sell the mini blinds and receive a thousand dollars per house, he and his friends were rolling in the dough. He had a quota to make which was a million dollars a year, Gary had made his quota by January 8th, he gave his boss two weeks’ notice and decided to go into business himself selling mini blinds full-time.

One could say that Gary Leland fell into his own businesses he loved in home sales, and still does. Leland did not have business plans or business models, he started out going door to door selling high pressure storm windows.

He did however have some help when it came to establishing his first website in 1996, against the advice of his friends, who said nothing will come of that Gary pursued it any way. Gary can see the big picture, “you gotta know what the people want”.

While being an in home salesman Gary was bringing in thousands of dollars, he was an optimistic, charismatic person who could sell anything, who just happened to be a relatable average guy and people loved that. The success that in home sales brought him was what started his first business Leland’s Interiors.

At that time there were many small interior businesses in Arlington on Cooper Street and Gary’s was one of them. His friends saw how successful Gary was becoming and they wanted to work for him, and they did. After years of working under Gary his friends realized that he was receiving 100% of the business revenue and they wanted that income for themselves; so Gary helped his friends establish their own interior businesses.

To this day Gary has gone on to accomplish a plethora of successful small businesses and his friends still just have one interior business, and his friends are all college educated; in fact they all graduated from Texas’ top schools. A college education isn’t everything when it comes to being successful, Gary’s many successes are proof of that. Gary agrees and strongly feels that a college education is important and that everyone should go to college. He tells the technology gifted people he frequently comes in contact with that they too should attend college, regardless of how skilled they are at being techs.

Leland’s Interior’s is now one of the largest and most successful interior stores in Texas, Gary and his wife Kathy started in a smaller shop but over time their business grew and they moved into a larger brick and mortar store. The other textile companies that were located on Cooper Street have since then gone out of business, when they did Gary bought their textile books and materials for pennies on the dollar. One could say that Gary was and is successful from the other business owners’ failures.

The same with his softball and baseball junk store, Gary heard that a business owner was going out of business in Fort Worth, Texas and Gary offered to buy the man’s gear, but the man refused to admit that his business was foreclosing. In the end Gary was able to save money and buy the gear for pennies on the dollar, another success from someone’s failure.

When asked to describe his life as an entrepreneur Gary replied, “What does that mean? I know what the term entrepreneur means I learned it ten years ago, but I don’t know what that means.” “These days everyone wants to be an entrepreneur it is such a big term that you didn’t see fifteen twenty years ago.”

Gary starts his days at six am, gets up checks his emails and social media sites as he watches T.V., specifically the news. He then heads to the Leland’s and arrives at his stores by eight am, he gets a couple of hours to himself before the stores open at ten am. He works from ten to closing which is 6pm, heads home to get ready to walk two miles with his wife and then works somewhere until ten pm and afterwards calls it a night.


My New Speakers Reel

I have spoken all over the country.

Yes, I have spoken everywhere from New York to California.

You can see all the presentations I have given at

Coming up in February I am a keynote speaker at Podfest in Florida. Podfest is a great new podcasting conference.

Then in March I am speaking at the world largest social media conference. That is Social Media Marketing World in California.

I love speaking, and giving presentations, but I never took the time to create a speakers reel.

Now I finally have one thanks to Dennis Yu, and the crew at Blitz Metrics. They created this speakers reel for me, and I really do appreciate it.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Fixer Upper Podcast

My First Podcast Effort

Sports Podcast I found this old logo from the website, and it put me in a mood for writing.

Late in 2004 I read a two line blip in a newsletter about a new technology that was coming out called podcasting.

I thought it sounded interesting so I put my team on it right away. I told them that podcasting was new, and we needed to get on it now.

I did not realize how new it was. I had no idea that there were not even one hundred people in the world podcasting yet.

Well after a week or so we were in the podcasting business. Since our main business was selling sporting goods, it made sense to have a podcast about sports. Like I asked they set up a page for the podcast about sports, but what I did not expect they made an entire directory for sport podcasts called of course.

Thats right, after we recorded the podcast there really wasn't anyplace great to put it so they made any entire directory.

The directory was really nice, and a great tool. You see there were no such thing as podcasts in iTunes at the time, and there were only one or two directories of any kind in existence. Out of the existing podcast none of them were for a single niche, much less just sports.


The Original Logo 2004

I soon found out why. With there being such a small amount of podcasts in the world it took forever to get any podcasts in the directory. We were watching the internet everyday for people that may of created a sports related podcast. I think after a month we had maybe ten or so in the directory.

It was such slow going, and we were so excited about podcasting that we decided to make a second podcast directory. Next we created The Podcast Pickle Directory which became popular very quickly.

It made a big difference going after podcasts in general instead of a small niche.

After a year or so we realized it was a hopeless effort at the time to work and build out any more, and we soon retired the site.

So that is the basic story of how I became involved in podcasting, and the ancient history of

Dill Domains

The 2016 NFCA Convention

A short review

The 2016 National Fastpitch Coaches Association Convention was a great event this year.

As I fly home from the NFCA Convention in New Orleans I decided to jot down a few thoughts about this great event.

First let me say I think the NFCA is the number one resource for all softball coaches. I don't care if you are a travel ball, high school, or a college softball coach you need to join.

If you take the cost of a yearly membership, and what you get as a member it is a no brainer. You need to join today.


Mizuno's Booth

One of the things I always enjoy is the exhibit hall. For two days during the convention softball vendors set up their booths, and are there to tell you all about their products. This is also an opportunity to see all the new products on the market. Many times it is a preview before they're even on the market.

All of the big companies are there like Mizuno, Wilson, and Schutt. There are also a lot of smaller companies like software creators, educational, and training companies. While this part of the exhibit isn't about softball you would still want to go and see everything. It is amazing how much you can learn in the exhibit hall.

The biggest and best part of the convention are the speaker halls, and all the great speakers that are there everyday.

Want to get more education in pitching, hitting, or fielding? Help is there. Do you wish you were a better coach? Help is there. I would have to say that there is someone speaking on almost every subject you could think of.

I do not think there is any event on the planet that has as many speakers covering as many parts of softball as the NFCA has.

Another great part of the convention every year is the Hall Of Fame Banquet. Not only are the new inductees there, but many former inductees and legends of the game. People like Joan Joyce, Mike Candraia, Diane Baker, and many more.

The opportunity to meet and talk softball with these legends of the game is priceless and I always learn so much during this event. I love the history of softball and there is no other event like the Hall Of Fame Banquet for softball history.

Then there are all the networking opportunities. The chance to make friends, and relationships with other softball coaches. There were over 1,500 people at this years event. That is a whole lot of people to meet and get to know.

Jennie Finch

A Selfie With Jennie Finch

To make the networking opportunities even better companies like Diamond Sports, USSSA, and Wilson Sports sponsor networking events in the evenings. This is a great way to meet and network with other softball coaches.

I have made great friends that will last a lifetime. I actually look as much to seeing old friends when I attend as I look forward to the education I receive.

There are a lot of other events during the convention that I do not have time to mention in this article, but I think you get the picture from the few I mentioned.

Yes, the NFCA Convention is a MUST attend event, and the NFCA is a MUST join association.

I recommend you go to their website at and join today. The cost is very cheap for all you will receive in return.


Quotes On Twitter?

Twitter Quotes What is the deal with Twitter and quotes?

I have had Twitter accounts for years. Actually I think I started my first Twitter account the first month, or so that it was online.

Even though I have several accounts on Twitter until recently I have only spent time on my softball account at I feel like I have been somewhat effective at building the account for Fastpitch TV as I am over 29,000 followers.

I am not very active on that account, and only follow 14 people at the moment, but the account has grown just the same. The main reason that account has grown is the fact that my staff puts out a lot of great softball content everyday.

Lets move on to my personal Twitter account which is at This account has been just sitting there for years. I have really never done anything with my personal account until recently.

I decided I would start using my personal account, and build up my followers. I started posting more, and more often and I am even interacting with other people.

I have to admit I am happy with the growth in my number of followers. It went from almost none to 3,000 followers in a very short amount of time.

I have actually started spending a good bit of time on the account. I have been reading a lot of post from the 300 or so people I follow.

I am really in shock at the number of people that just post other peoples quotes. Quotes are close to 40% of what I see in my Twitter feed.

I don't mind the idea of quotes that much. It is just the fact that they are all other peoples quotes. I wonder do these people just buy ebooks of quotes on Amazon. Then copy and post a couple of new quotes every day.

I figure that buying the ebook would be the easiest way to do this, so I searched for books of quotes on Amazon.

OMG there are literally tons of books of quotes on Amazon, so I think I am on track here.

Then I have to wonder are there that many people that want to see quotes that bad. I mean if there are the guys who write these quote books must be making a ton of money since there is so much demand for quotes.

Then I wonder is there not a copyright on quotes? I saw one book that had 1000 quotes in it. I just can't imagine someone is paying 1000 people every time they sell a copy of there book?

So to get back to Twitter, I just wonder if there are many people who really love seeing the same quotes over, and over again from all there different people?


My Camera Bags Are Getting Smaller And Smaller

My video equipment is getting smaller, and smaller too.

My Video Camera Bags

My video camera bags really are getting smaller

I shoot a lot of video, and I mean a lot.

I started recording back in 2006 when I created the first episode of my first video podcast.

The name of the podcast was the Fastpitch TV Show. I am probably getting close to 1000 episodes of the show, and it has been very successful. It has also really helped my website at grow over the years.

As the title of this post states the bags that I use to carry my equipment have really been getting smaller, and smaller over the years.

The main reason they have shrunk is due to the size, and amount of equipment I use. In particular the size of my camera has really shrunk.

When I first started recording video I used a camera that held mini tapes to record on. This was not only a big camera, but I needed to carry extra tapes to record on.

Then I moved from a camera that used tape to a camera with a hard drive. That helped me to downsize my bag the first time. Yes, not only was the camera smaller, but it was a lot better, and easier to use.

Now I record almost all my video with my iPhone. With the updates to the camera on the 6S version of the iPhone it records great video. The iPhone really shrunk the camera load I carry.

The iPhone not only does a great job of recording, it can also handle my audio recording too.

So now my video camera bag is my podcast equipment bag too.

Yes, my camera bag has really shrunk, and I love it.

Podcast Dallas Meetup Group for Podcasting

Header Fun

Gary Leland Jurassic ParkI have been making fun headers on my Instagram account for quite a while.

Over the last couple of years I have made dozens of images which I photo shopped into well recognized movie scenes.

These photo shopped images have received thousands of likes, and have actually helped me grow my following on Instagram.

They are also fun to create. They get a lot of comments from my followers that I love to read.

Now I have started using the same marketing approach on my Facebook Page at, and on my Twitter page at

I think the images will have the same effect on Facebook as they had on Instagram, but I am not sure what the effect would be on Twitter. Since Twitter does not update followers with tweets when you update you header, I do not see it as a big marketing method to grow followers there. It really does not matter what the effect is since it is so much fun to create these headers and see how many places I can put my logo.

Fixer Upper Podcast

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet Up Group

Arlington Social Media Marketing I love going to Meet Ups. I have seen so many great speakers, and I have spoken at to so many great groups.

One of the best things about Meet Ups is that fact that they are made up of small to mid size groups of people. The small size of the groups make it easy to ask questions, and really get involved.

All of the Meet Ups I have been going to are in North Dallas are of Texas. Like I said they are great, but it is such a haul to Dallas, and back all the time.

I decided it was time for Arlington, Texas to a great Meet Up. With the way my mind works that can only mean one thing. If I am unhappy with the status quo, I change it by doing my own thing. In this case that means starting my own Meet Up Group.

The hardest part of starting my own Meet Up in Arlington was finding a space that I could use. Most of the spaces I found were available in the mornings, but not in the evenings. I wanted to hold my Meet Up in the evening, so that caused me a big issue.

Finally one day when I was speaking at an event for the public library someone recommended a location. I called the location and they were more than happy to have me host my Meet Ups at their location. The best part about this location is the fact it was free to use.
Arlington Social Media Marketing Group
I immediately scheduled my first Meet Up and called my good friend and WordPress expert Tony Cecala. Tony agreed to speak and he was a big success. He really helped us kick off the Arlington Social Media Marketing Group with a bang.

I have now been having the Meet Up for seven months, and it is going great.

Our last Meet Up was attended by around 50 people , and every speaker that has volunteered their time to speak has been fantastic.

This has turned out to be the best Meet Up group in Arlington for us techie type people by far.

If you would like to see what we are up to go to

Join my WPengine WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program Today!

The Fifth Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Have you established your personal brand? by Caz Gaddis

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I thought that Arlington, Texas needed a meet up group for social media, so I started The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our fifth meet-up in September, 2016.

Our special guest this month was Caz Gaddis, and her presentation was “Have you established your personal brand?”.

I recorded her presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.

Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

The Fourth Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Live Streaming by Erin Smith

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I thought that Arlington, Texas needed a meet up group for social media, so I started The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our fourth meet-up in August, 2016.

Our special guest this month was Erin Smith, and her presentation was “Live Streaming”.

I recorded her presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.

Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

Multicasting For Content Creation

a great method for creating more content

Multicasting is a great way to create content.



I am creating live video chats every weekday morning at 9:30 at At the moment I am in the middle of a series about multicasting.

Muticasting is taking one piece of content, and distributing it to as many places, and formats as possible.

While I did not invent the concept of multicasting, I am trying to make this post one of the best examples of multicasting for people that are interested.

For this example of multicasting I am using a video interview for the original content.

If you have any examples I may of missed please message them to me on Facebook at

MULTICAST EXAMPLES: *The original content I am using is a video.

VIDEO VERSIONS: This version uses the video as is, and is the first step in my posting process.
1. YouTube —
2. Vimeo —
3. Online Magazine Video —
4. Video Podcast on iTunes — http://Fastpitch.TV/vitunes
5. Roku —
6. Twitter Video –
7. Video iPhone App –
8. Video Blog Post – http://Fastpitch.TV
9. Facebook Page Video –
10. Apple TV – Search fastpitch on Apple TV
11. Video Podcast On Blubrry –
12. Video Podcast on Google Play —
13. Video on Linked In Company Page –
14. Video on a specialty blog –
15. Video on your Google Profile –

AUDIO VERSIONS: For this version I pull the audio out of the video. I normally use this version 6 months down the road. I do not want it to compete with the video version.
1. Audio Podcast iTune — http://Fastpitch.TV/aitunes
2. Audio Blog –
3. Audio iPhone Podcast App — http://Fastpitch.TV/aaitune
4. Audio Post on Facebook –
5. Audio Podcast on Blubrry –
6. Audio Podcast on Google Play –
7. Audio Podcast on iHeartRadio –
8. Audio Podcast on Spotify –
9. Audio post on a Facebook Page –
10. Audio post on in a Google Community –
11. Audio Post in a Facebook Group –
12. Audio Post on Linked In –
13. Audio Show on Linked In Company Page –
14. Audio On You Tube
15. Audio quote on

TEXT VERSIONS: For this version I transcribe the audio into text. I normally use this version 12 months down the road so I don't compete with the video or audio versions.
1. SlideShare http://Fastpitch.TV/slideshare
2. eBook —
3. Text Blog Post — http://Fastpitch.TV
4. – http://Fastpitch.TV/paperli
5. Online Magazine Text Article —
6. Text Quotes on Instagram –
7. Text Quote on Pinterest –
8. Text Quote on Linked In –
9. Text Quote on Twitter –
10. Text Quote on Google P)us –
11. Text as part of an infographic

Don't forget to visit and ask me your questions in person.


The Third Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Should You Add Podcasting To Your Social Media Mix by Mitch Todd

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I formed The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our third meet-up in July, 2016.

Our special guest was Mitch Todd, and his presentation was “Should You Add Podcasting To Your Social Media Mix?”.

I recorded his presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.


The Second Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

Can You Really Make Money With A Blog? With Tim Gillette

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I formed The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our second meet-up on June 23rd, 2016.

Our special guest was Tim Gillette, and his presentation was “Can You Really Make Money With A Blog?”.

I recorded his presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.