Bitcoin: The Who, What and Why

My first Bitcoin presentation

This is my presentation on Bitcoin.

One of my first times presenting on the topic of Bitcoin.

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International Podcast Day Session

John Leed Dumas joins me for a session on monetizing your podcast

International Podcast Day with John Lee Dumas

You may not know it, but September the 30th was International podcast Day.

To celebrate the day podcasters unite at and help produce a 24 hours show dedicated to the art of podcasting.

For the second year in a row John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire joins me for an hour of live broadcasting. This year our hour session was about monetizing your podcast.

John was a little late due to no fault of his own, and joins in at the 14 minute mark.

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Woot, Woot For WooCommerce

My presentation for DFW WordPress

My Presentation on WooCommerce from DFW WordPress

Tony Cecala runs the DFW WordPress MeetUp Group in Dallas, Texas. This may be the largest MeetUp group in the country for WordPress, but I am not 100% sure on that.

Last week I spoke about WooCommmerce, and thought I would share the video of my presentation with you.

Since WooCommerce is built to integrate with WordPress it was a subject of interest to man of the people in the group.

This was the first time I have spoken about WooCommerce, but since I run 18 WooCommerce Sites I know the subject.

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Should it be part of your content strategy?

This is a video of my presentation on podcasting from the DFW Social Media Marketing Meetup Group.

This is a great Meetup group put on by Stephanie Inge at Improving in Dallas, Texas.

I have given this presentation before, but I feel I have tweaked it quite a bit since the last time I made this presentation.

Hometown Podcast

Talking About Podcasting

At The Arlington Public Library Small Business Network

There were syncing issues with the audio and video on this file

Last week I was invited to speak about podcasting at the Small Business Network.

This event was hosted by the Arlington Public Library. We talked about the basics of podcasting, explaining the how, what and why.