Bit Block Boom

A Bitcoin Maximalist Conference

If you have kept up with me you know that I am heavily involved in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

I create podcasts, videos and blog posts about crypto.

I also sell t-shirts, caps and even crypto mining machines.

I have even started a Bitcoin conference with my business partner Tony Cecala.

Tony and I kicked off out first Bit Block Boom Conference in July it was a great success.

The speakers at our first Bit Block Boom Bitcoin Conference were:

Pierre Rochard – Co-Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Saifedean Ammous – Assistant Professor of Economics
Michael Goldstein – President at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Tuur Demeester – Founder, Adamant Capital
Mark Hopkins – Founder of Roger Wilco Agency
Casey Watkins – Crypto Unicorn Money
Nik Bhatia – Investment Manager, Payden & Rygel
Mike Clear – Owner,
Felipe Huicochea – CriptoMonedas TV
Ray Redacted – Network & Information Security Researcher
Austin Akers – co-organizer, freeCodeCamp Dallas Chapter

I am not going to go on and on about how great the conference was. Instead here is a link . Take a look at the videos and information for yourself.

Maybe I will see next June at the second Bit Block Boom Conference in Dallas, Texas.


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