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Kathy and I have been producing podcasts as a couple for a good part of 2016, and 2017.

We started out with the Fixer Upper Podcast. This is a podcast about the HGTV Show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

During the season we watched the Fixer Upper TV Show every Tuesday evening, and then on Wednesdays we recorded a podcast about the episode that we watched the night before. We then upload the new episodes at around noon every Thursday.
Fixer Upper Podcast
We actually recorded a podcast for eighteen episodes of the show this year, and finally quit shortly after the season ended. When season five of The Fixer Upper starts this fall we will restart the podcast.

Since the season was over for The Fixer Upper TV Show we decided to take on another podcast for another HGTV Show.

We decided to podcast about the new HGTV Show Home Town which stars Erin and Ben Napier from Laurel, Mississippi.

This show was a perfect fit since it came out on Tuesdays we could keep the same schedule we had created for the Fixer Upper Podcast.

While recording the ten episodes of the Home Town Podcast we really got to know some of the people involved with the show, and people from the town of Laurel.

By the time the last episode of the season was going to shown on TV we had decided to go to Laurel, Mississippi to see the town, and view the last episode from there.

What a great trip, we had a great time, and made so many friends.2017 Trip To Laurel Mississippi

We toured the town, and went to many of the stores that had been featured on the first season of Home Town.

Ben and Erin's store Laurel Mercantile hosted a meet and greet at which Ben and Erin made an appearance. It was nice to meet Ben and Erin.

Also at the event were most of the home owners that were part of the first season. We really enjoyed meeting everyone.

We watched the last episode of the season in the Arabian Theatre with around two hundred people.

The stars of the show Ben and Erin were also there, and it was quite the event.

Now the season is over for the Home Town TV Show, and that means the season is also over for the Home Town Podcast.

I am not sure at this time if we will just wait until Fall arrives to start podcasting again, or if we will pick a third show to podcast about.

Whatever we decide will be posted at which is the website for the Home Decorating Podcast Network.

Home Decorating Podcast Network

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