Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Book 1

Issues 1 through 10

Best Of Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 1 through 10 Book 1 I have been publishing the Fastpitch Magazine for over 4 years now. The magazine has been a great success, and had a large subscription base at $12.99 a year. I even offer back issues at $2.99 an issue.

The writers that have written articles for the magazine have ben among the best in the sport of fastpitch softball. Articles by Olympians, great bloggers, and coaches alike.

I decided it was time to start a series of the best of books from the magazine. In book one I have taken the best of the first ten issues and put them all in one book.

The articles in book one are written by Mitch Alexander, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Lisa Iancin, Stacey Mahoe, Cat Osterman, Jennie Ritter, Dalton Ruer, Natasha Watley, and Aaron Weintraub.

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The chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Mitch Alexander’s Articles
The Softball Academy
Softball is Good for Academics
Youth Softball Goals
Parent Coached Versus Paid Coached
Why Do You Want to Coach Rec Ball?
Youth Sports Coaching Certification
Youth Windmill Pitching Strategies

Chapter 2 – Charity Butler’s Articles
Laser Focus
Driving With That Derriere
Fly Like A G6
Quit Batting…Start Hitting
Ditch the GPS Roadmap for Effective Tracking
Silly Superstitions or Rational Routines?
In-Season Adjustments vs. Off-Season Training
Hitting in Post – Season Play
Going Opposite – Tips to Hit the Outside Pitch

Chapter 3 – Rob Crews’s Articles
21st Century HITTING MODEL (Part 1)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 2)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 3)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 4)
Decisions: Four Important Points
The Anatomy of a Power Hitter
HS Hitter to College Hitter:The Transition
The Swing: Science or Art?

Chapter 4 – Lisa Iancin's Articles
When Does Fastpitch Happen?
In Time For The Double Play
Throwing on the Run
Throwing Behind the Runner
Taking Charge of the Rundown

Chapter 5 – Stacie Mahoe’s Articles
5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Skip
Preseason Conditioning
The Important Softball Parenting Lesson I Learned
Fastpitch From The Heart
Want vs. Do
Are Your Everyday Habits Limiting Your Performance?
A Message for Benchwarmers
Success Is In The Little Things

Chapter 6 – Cat Osterman’s Articles
Winning Isn’t Everything, but it Matters
Pitching 101… At Least From My Point Of View
Keep An Open Mind
Work Ethic

Chapter 7 – Jennie Ritter’s Articles
How did you prepare mentally for a big game?
3 Important Pitches
Coaching Your Own Kid
So, You Want to Get Recruited?

Chapter 8 – Dalton Ruer’s Articles
Slapping Part II
Back To The Base
Adding Movement To Diving
Basic Diving
First And Third
Obstruction and Interference
Don't Let Fear Get In The Way
Buford T. Justice Said it Best

Chapter 9 – Natasha Watley’s Articles
Taking Advantage: Cheat Sheet
Speed Kills!

Chapter 10 – Aaron Weintraub’s Articles

Is Too Much Confidence Possible
We Can Stop Our Muscle Fibers From Contracting
Achievements in Softball are Fun…So Are Setbacks
Mental Toughness is the Elite Athlete’s Edge
Change, Please
You Gotta Believe
T.E.A.M. First
Are You Talking To Yourself? Are You Good at It?

The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 1 is full of great content, and if you are a fan of the sport of fastpitch softball you will love this book.

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