The Gary Leland Show Season Three

Gary Leland Show

I create my podcasts on The Gary Leland Show in seasons.

On Season One I interviewed people that would be considered experts in the world of Social Media. People like Chris Brogan, Dennis Yu, Paul Colligan, and Lynette Young just to name a few.

During Season two I interviewed people from the world of Woo Commerce, and WordPress. I was trying to learn all about WooCommerce so what a better way to learn than interview experts.

Now on season three I am changing it up again.

On every episode of season three I feature one entrepreneur, or small business owner on my show. I bring them on to ask me one business question which I will try to answer for them.

You have heard of Q & A shows “Question and Answer Shows”, but this is a Q & D Show. That stands for Question and Discussions.

So everyone that comes on the show will get eight minutes of my time to ask, and discuss anything they want. Anything business wise at least ways.

I will use my thirty five years of experience in the business world to help make your business a success.
Gary Leland Show
In other words this is a free eight minute consultation.

Interested in being on my show? Take a moment and fill out the form on my home page, to ask me anything about business, marketing, sales, and social media. I will contact you to set up a time to record an episode with you.

Please join my new Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, and meet other people eager to you with your business and marketing!

“There are no stupid questions. It’s only stupid NOT to ask your question.”

Interested in coming on the show and discussing your question? Just go to, fill out the short form on the home page.

I love answering your questions, so go do it today.

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