Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Book 2

Issues 11 through 20

The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 11 to 20 Book 2

I am proud to bring you my second book in the Fastpitch Magazine series. The Fastpitch Magazine has constantly provided you with articles related to playing, training, coaching, and more.

I have hand selected the best articles from Issues 11 through 20. The featured writers are: Mitch Alexander, Robb Behymer, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Jen Croneberger, Lisa Iancin, Bryan Ingalls, Stacie Mahoe, Cat Osterman, Bill Plummer, Dalton Ruer, Carly Schonberg, Natasha Watley, Aaron Weintraub, and Sherry Werner.

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The chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Mitch Alexander’s Articles
Commitments In Youth Team Sports
Summer Tryout Mayhem – Too Many Choices
An Open Letter to Umpires and Parents
Leadership Matters

Chapter 2 – Robb Behymer's Articles
Let Passion Drive You
Travel Ball
Recruitment Season
Competitive Tournament Value
The Value of Competitive/Showcase Tournaments

Chapter 3 – Charity Butler's Articles
Overcoming Information Overload
Find A Way
Developing Exceptional Bat Speed
Should I Learn To Slap?
Hot Hitting Topic: Linear vs. Rotational Hitting
Pop Flies: Dropping Hands Are NOT the Problem
Strengths vs. Weaknesses: Where to Spend Your Time
Season Prep: See the Ball
Extension Increases Batting Averages
Should the Swing Change with Two Strikes?

Chapter 4 – Rob Crews's Articles
Vision Training: A Mental Or Physical Process
Open Letter To A College Freshman
Developing A Game Plan
In-Game Personalities
The Self- Taught Hitter
The Path of the Hands
Three Things Great College Hitters Do Well
Good to Great: Intangible Traits of Success

Chapter 5 – Jen Croneberger's Articles
One More. Always… One More
Motivation Versus Inspiration. Defining Moments
For Love Of The Game
And In The End… Trust
Confidence Always Comes From Preparation…
How Do You Define Success?

Chapter 6 – Lisa Iancin's Articles
The Priority Position
Game Speed Coaching
The Certainties Behind The Uncertain First and Third Play
Covering The Green
Creating a Defensive Culture
The Dangers of Specialization

Chapter 7 – Bryan Ingalls's Articles
Making Sight Adjustments Mid-Game
Separate Your Game
Respect The Game
Throwing From Your Knees Vs. Throwing Standing Up
Pitcher Catcher Relationship: Nonverbal and Verbal Communication To Teammates
Less is More: The Art of a Pickoff

Chapter 8 – Stacie Mahoe's Articles
Do You Have The Guts To Lose?
3 Smart Softball Coaching Notes
When You Put Your Team First, You Have Fewer Coaching Regrets
College Softball: Wimps and Whiner Need Not Apply
3 More Ways to Raise Your Recruit-ability

Chapter 9 – Cat Osterman's Articles
View From The Stands
To Retire Or Not To Retire…
Who Got Cut? This Girl!

Chapter 10 – Bill Plummer's Articles

They Lost Perspective On The Sport
Playing Fall Softball?
The National Fastpitch Coaches Association
Social Media

Chapter 11 – Dalton Ruer's Articles
But Wait! There's More
Choose Your Partner Wisely
But I Don't Want To!
It's Not A Reasonable Fear
Do It Because You Want To
Just Do Nothing
What a Bunch of Baloney
Protect Your Booty
Putting It All Together

Chapter 12 – Carly Schonberg's Articles
Is Running the Best Workout for Softball Players?
Overcoming Overthrowing
The Common Flaw In Female Pitchers' Mechanics You May Not Even Realize Is There
The Essential Equation for Maximum Pitching Velocity

Chapter 13 – Natasha Watley's Articles
Where Do We Go From Here?
Positivity Jar

Chapter 14 – Aaron Weintraub‘s Articles
Aggressiveness Is Good
Illusions of Confidence or True Learning
The Greatest Feeling In The World: Peak Performance
Trying Hard And Best Effort Are Not The Same
Smart Work Routs Hard Work and No Work Every Time
Success Guaranteed
Begin With The End In Mind (Imagery)
Champions Look At It This Way
Freedom, Courage, and the Mind of a Champion

Chapter 15 – Sherry Werner's Articles
Windmill Wisdom
Footwork Is Critical
Use Your Legs
Importance of the Trunk/Core in Pitching
Arm Motion
Shoulder Stress
Make Sure that Your Windmill Pitcher has Good Mechanics

If you are a fan of fastpitch softball The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 2 is the book for you!

The Paperback Book is available for $19.95 – BUY NOW
The Kindle Version is available for $2.99 – BUY NOW

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The Complete Book of Softball Drills

Fastpitch Book The Complete Book of Softball Drills was the first paperback book I ever wrote. Until this book all my books were e-books for the Kindle.

I had already created several e-books, all on softball training. There were 5 total. They covered pitchers training, hitting training, catchers training, fielding training, and base running training.

I basically took all five e-books, and merged them into one paper back book called The Complete Book of Softball Drills.

This is one of the more complete books on Fastpitch softball training drills. If you are coaching a team this book is a must for you. Since it supplies training drills for many positions coaches love it.

You can find more information on The Complete Book of Softball Drills at


Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Book 1

Issues 1 through 10

Best Of Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 1 through 10 Book 1 I have been publishing the Fastpitch Magazine for over 4 years now. The magazine has been a great success, and had a large subscription base at $12.99 a year. I even offer back issues at $2.99 an issue.

The writers that have written articles for the magazine have ben among the best in the sport of fastpitch softball. Articles by Olympians, great bloggers, and coaches alike.

I decided it was time to start a series of the best of books from the magazine. In book one I have taken the best of the first ten issues and put them all in one book.

The articles in book one are written by Mitch Alexander, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Lisa Iancin, Stacey Mahoe, Cat Osterman, Jennie Ritter, Dalton Ruer, Natasha Watley, and Aaron Weintraub.

The Paperback Book is available for $19.95 – BUY NOW
The Kindle Version is available for $2.99 – BUY NOW

The chapters included are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Mitch Alexander’s Articles
The Softball Academy
Softball is Good for Academics
Youth Softball Goals
Parent Coached Versus Paid Coached
Why Do You Want to Coach Rec Ball?
Youth Sports Coaching Certification
Youth Windmill Pitching Strategies

Chapter 2 – Charity Butler’s Articles
Laser Focus
Driving With That Derriere
Fly Like A G6
Quit Batting…Start Hitting
Ditch the GPS Roadmap for Effective Tracking
Silly Superstitions or Rational Routines?
In-Season Adjustments vs. Off-Season Training
Hitting in Post – Season Play
Going Opposite – Tips to Hit the Outside Pitch

Chapter 3 – Rob Crews’s Articles
21st Century HITTING MODEL (Part 1)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 2)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 3)
21st Century Hitting Model (Part 4)
Decisions: Four Important Points
The Anatomy of a Power Hitter
HS Hitter to College Hitter:The Transition
The Swing: Science or Art?

Chapter 4 – Lisa Iancin's Articles
When Does Fastpitch Happen?
In Time For The Double Play
Throwing on the Run
Throwing Behind the Runner
Taking Charge of the Rundown

Chapter 5 – Stacie Mahoe’s Articles
5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Skip
Preseason Conditioning
The Important Softball Parenting Lesson I Learned
Fastpitch From The Heart
Want vs. Do
Are Your Everyday Habits Limiting Your Performance?
A Message for Benchwarmers
Success Is In The Little Things

Chapter 6 – Cat Osterman’s Articles
Winning Isn’t Everything, but it Matters
Pitching 101… At Least From My Point Of View
Keep An Open Mind
Work Ethic

Chapter 7 – Jennie Ritter’s Articles
How did you prepare mentally for a big game?
3 Important Pitches
Coaching Your Own Kid
So, You Want to Get Recruited?

Chapter 8 – Dalton Ruer’s Articles
Slapping Part II
Back To The Base
Adding Movement To Diving
Basic Diving
First And Third
Obstruction and Interference
Don't Let Fear Get In The Way
Buford T. Justice Said it Best

Chapter 9 – Natasha Watley’s Articles
Taking Advantage: Cheat Sheet
Speed Kills!

Chapter 10 – Aaron Weintraub’s Articles

Is Too Much Confidence Possible
We Can Stop Our Muscle Fibers From Contracting
Achievements in Softball are Fun…So Are Setbacks
Mental Toughness is the Elite Athlete’s Edge
Change, Please
You Gotta Believe
T.E.A.M. First
Are You Talking To Yourself? Are You Good at It?

The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 1 is full of great content, and if you are a fan of the sport of fastpitch softball you will love this book.

You can get the paper back book, or the Kindle version at

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100 Great Podcasting Tips

From 100 Great Podcasters

100GreatPodcastingTips copy100 Great Podcasting Tips: From 100 Great Podcasters
I have released my new eBook on!

Now Available for Your Kindle for $2.99 – CLICK HERE

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This book was gathered by reaching out to the podcast community, and asking “What advice do you have for new podcasters?”. I knew the advice and knowledge the podcast community would share could be helpful to new, and seasoned podcasters. 100 of the best podcast tips on the planet!

Have You Found Yourself Searching The Internet For How-To’s And Podcasting Advice?

With this question in mind I turned to my growing network of podcasts biggest players. I asked for each one to submit their answer to this main question:

“What advice would you give a podcaster that is just starting out?”

In response I received overwhelming support and feedback for this book and I know you to will gain new knowledge and perspective from the list of 100 podcasters I have compiled. In addition I have included tons of resources to start, improve, and grow a successful podcast. I believe even the seasoned podcast pro can gain insight from this book.

This lineup includes powerful tips from top name influencers like, Rob Walch, Dave Jackson, Todd Cochrane, Paul Colligan, John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Rob Greenlee, Erin Smith, Dan Franks, Jeremy Vest, Evo Terra, Jessica Kupferman, and Tim Paige, just to list a few!

Now Available for Your Kindle for $2.99 – CLICK HERE

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The Fastpitch Book

20 Great Coaches Give 20 Great Tools


The Fastpitch Book Compiled By Gary Leland

I reached out to my personal contacts list of coaches and asked each of them to submit their advice from their combined years of experience in fastpitch softball. I knew the advice and knowledge they would share could help everyone improve their game throughout their fastpitch softball career.

This book was then compiled of 20 of the best articles written by 20 great fastpitch softball coaches from around the nation. It also includes several bonus tips from many other professional coaches. This information is meant to give insight and thought processes in the game of fastpitch softball. Many tools and techniques behind what it takes to build a successful team.

Here is the list of all the great contributors and what they wrote:

  • Aaron Weintraub – Mental Toughness Healthy Perspective
  • Bryan Burrows Ingalis – A New Approach to Catcher Training
  • Charity Butler – Confidence Coaching
  • Charlie Dobbins – A Completely Different Ball Game
  • Darrick Brown – Work + Love + Faith = Success
  • Joni Frei – Program Design and Implementation
  • Kaci Clark Zerbe – Popular Myth of Pitching in College
  • Keri Casas – The Hell Week Pitching Workout
  • Laura Berg – The Mindset of an Outfielder
  • Lisa Iancin – The Moment
  • Meagan Denny-White – Pitching With A Purpose
  • Michele Martin Diltz – Competitive Training
  • Mitch Alexander – Pressure Cooker
  • Rita Lynn Gilman – Double Ball Drills
  • Rob Crews – 7 Phases of Visual Mechanics
  • Shannon McDougall – Periodization, Yearly Training Plan
  • Shannon Murray – Pitcher Mental Toughness
  • Dr. Sherry Werner – DO’s / DON’Ts for Windmill Pitchers
  • Stacie Mahoe – How Extra Work Makes a Difference
  • Venus Taylor – Creating the Championship Culture
  • Bonus Chapter – 30 More Great Tips

Good luck reaching for your next championship!

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The Fastpitch TV's Facebook Family consists of over 100,000 members. The majority of these are Travel Ball coaches, and parents. Become a part of the Fastpitch TV Facebook Family located at

Brought to you by Gary Leland publisher of the Fastpitch Softball TV Network. Gary's teams won the 14 and under, and the 15 and under Texas USSSA State championships back to back. His teams came in fourth and fifth in the USSSA National Championships for 14 under, and 15 under. Now he spends his time creating fastpitch softball blogs, books, videos, and podcasts. Fastpitch Softball is not only Gary's passion, it is his full time job.

The Fastpitch Book is available now in paperback for only $14.95 –

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My New Book Release

"Marketing Your Retail Store In An Online World"


Marketing Your Retail Store In An Online World
I have just released my new eBook on!

This book is a compilation of interviews gathered and transcribed from my podcast, The Gary Leland Show. I have interviewed some of the best social media marketers in the world and we will talk about how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other platforms to your advantage.

I wanted ask some of the best minds in the online industry how using social media and multicasting will help you sell actual products. When I say selling products, I’m not talking about selling ebooks, or webinars, or online conferences, even though I may cover those some day. The main thing I am talking about when I say “selling stuff” is selling real, physical stuff. Things you may inventory or even ship to your customers; maybe its shoes, maybe it's hats, maybe it's softball equipment like I do, but actually selling stuff is what we are talking about.

I hope after reading this book you find the direction and motivation to take your retail business to the online market, and implement the following social media marketing insights to build a profitable e-commerce business.

Featured interviews from:

Chris Brogan on Marketing
Dennis Yu and Alex Houg on Facebook
Cynthia Sanchez on Pinterest
Gary’s Personal Facebook Strategy
Paul Colligan on Marketing
David Jackson on Podcasting
Jeremy Vest on YouTube
Tim Paige on Leadpages
Lynette Young on Aweber
Patrick Rauland on WooCommerce
Christian Psencik on Automation
Mason Pelt on Facebook
Chris Green on Amazon
Lynette Young on Google Plus
Gary Loper on Twitter

Marketing Your Retail Store In An Online World



Marketing Your Retail Store In An Online World: Volume 1

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Fastpitch TV Publishing Takes It’s First Step

Fastpitch Publishing Fastpitch TV Publishing is here.

I had the feeling that there was an opening in the publishing world for fastpitch softball for a long time.

There are many great books about softball that are not getting the exposure they deserve by traditional methods. Some of these books are training books, and some are books of historical accounts, but no matter what type of books they are, there are a lot of them.

I wanted to create a publishing house just for fastpitch softball books. I know that sounds like a super small niche, but I have made my living off this super small niche.

I started my adventure in the publishing world over a year ago with the introduction of the Fastpitch Magazine. As I had hoped the Fastpitch Magazine became an instant success.

Recently I had another opportunity open up for my move into the publishing world. The authors of the great book A Series Of Their Own contacted me. They informed me that they were looking for a buyer of their book. They were offering to sell the print rights, audio rights, video rights, movie rights, and the e-book rights. They also had a few thousand print copies they were including in the offer. As good as their book was they just did not have the resources, and marketing know how to move it.

As you have probably figured out by now, I took the offer. Now I have my first book for Fastpitch TV Publishing. I hope that this is the start of something great. I hope to add more books very soon.

The inspirational roots of college softball’s national championship and its 43 years of explosive growth are chronicled in this unique, 296-page book. The book includes narratives on each of the annual tournaments from 1969-2012 within the context of the changing landscape of women’s collegiate sports.

To write this story, the authors drew on their backgrounds writing about and photographing this championship event while working at the Amateur Softball Association, the national governing body for softball in the United States. Newspaper accounts, published and unpublished photos, and other sources were used in this book. Prominent players, coaches and tournament organizers also contributed to this compelling narrative.

Here are a few quotes from the softball world about this great book.

“This is the only comprehensive book written about the history of the Women’s College World Series. It is a must-read if you were, or still are, involved in college softball or its national championship. It is also a must-read for young softball athletes to better understand where this event got its roots.” Margie Wright (27 years as head softball coach at Fresno State University)

“This book has been so much fun for me to remember those years. It was great to read because during most of the games, I was busy handling ticket problems or parking lot problems, or other issues. Thanks for giving me a play-by-play of the action that I missed.” Marita Hynes (director of 19 women’s series tournaments)

“Excellent review of the Women’s College World Series. Brings back so many great memories. Thanks to the authors for recapturing these moments.” Judy Garman (coach of 1986 WCWS champion Cal-State Fullerton)

“Great-looking book! Awesome job!” Pat Murphy (coach of 2012 WCWS champion Alabama)

I am currently working on getting this book on the Amazon kindle, and in the Apple iTunes book store.

To see more info on the book (CLICK HERE)