I Was On The Fox News Channel in 2010

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Back in 2010 I was on Fox News about Fastpitch TV.

It was a pretty interesting experience.

They sent a driver to pick me up and take me to Dallas. Once I arrived in Dallas I went up to the 10th floor. It may of been the 11th floor, I can really remember.

Then I went into an office/studio and there was just one guy there. I thought it was so funny because I really expected it to be this busy TV Studio. I thought there would be all kinds of people buzzing around doing TV Stuff.

Instead it was basically one guy with a camera, and the camera was pointing at a chair. I was told to sit ion that chair and wait.

After waiting a few moments the interview started, but it was so weird because I was talking but could not see the people I was talking to.

It was just me, and the guy that worked at that location. It really changed my concept of what a TV Studio was.

My studio in my home may of actually been a better studio than the one I went to for the interview.

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