The Win Some Softball Stuff Show

The Win Some Softball Stuff ShowA great new concept in video shows.

What kind of information does it take to make a show that both viewers, and sponsors would love? That was the question I was asking myself. It seems to me that viewers and sponsors really have two different views on what makes a great show.

Sponsors want to advertise their products. They plan on placing an advertisement, or running a commercial. Basically sponsors want people to know about what ever it is they sell. Sponsors just want to make more sales.

On the other hand viewers do not want advertisements, or commercials at all. Think about it for just a second. How many commercials have you skipped by with your DVR?

I think I found a way to keep both viewers, and sponsors happy. The Win Some Softball Stuff Show is a once a month video production offering viewers the opportunity to win a great softball prize. The show itself is a product review, or basically a three to four minute commercial.The viewer is happy to watch the show since they will have the opportunity to win a great prize at the end.

The sponsors are happy because people have to watch the review about one of their products in order to find out how to win the contest. So every viewer is watching a three to four minute commercial about their product.

Each and every episode has a new opportunity to win a different prize. If you love softball this show is sure to become a favorite.

If you are a manufacturer of softball equipment you will probably want to find out about having your product in a contest.

Oh, the answer is yes. I charge advertisers to have their products on the show. Yes I make money from this show.

To see this show on Youtube CLICK HERE

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