The Fastpitch Radio Show

Fastpitch Radio ShowThis was the first podcast I ever produced.

I started the Fastpitch Radio Show back in December of 2004. At the time I started the show, it opened under the name “The Sports Podcast”. About seven years ago I changed the name to the Fastpitch Radio Show. While I have taken several time outs over the years, I believe this is the oldest running sports podcast on the internet.

I have made, and remade this podcast several times over the years. I just have never been able to come up with show programing that I was happy with. So now I am giving the show another try, and I will try to create a new version that I can live with.

In the past it was a show with a guest on every episode. I interviewed different people from the world of fastpitch softball. Many of these interviews were just audio tracks that I took from my Fastpitch TV Show episodes.

On this the newest remake of the Fastpitch Radio Show I am just going to chat about softball.

The Fastpitch Radio Show App

The Fastpitch Radio Show App

Between the blogs, video shows, and the magazine I produce, I have enough info coming out every week to use as a base for a decent show. I am hoping that the show will evolve into something I will be happy with. I am going to try and do this podcast every week, but we will see how that works out for me. While I really enjoy this show, it has just been so hard for me to get this show going on a regular basis.

I will also use this podcast in the same marketing manor that I use on all my podcasts, and media. It will contain quite a bit of programing, and marketing for my other softball websites, and shows. That is pretty much what I do. I advertise my own softball related products on all of my shows. I really don't even try to find advertisers. I guess I am somewhat greedy, and want to keep all the advertising opportunities for myself.

I hope to produce the newest version of the show in March. We wish me look on the newest version of the Fastpitch Radio Show. I am defiantly going to need it.

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