Strike Zone Mat

The Stike Zone Mat

The Strike Zone Mat

I created the Strike Zone Mat as a training aid for softball, and baseball pitchers alike. It can used by pitchers while warming up before a game, or throwing to a catcher during practice.

The different colored areas on the mat represent different pitching areas.

1. The red area is a “No Throw Zone”. Pitchers do not want to pitch in this area, or it will probably result in a big hit.

2. The yellow area is a “Caution Zone” Pitchers can pitch in this area, but do it with care. The yellow area is still an area a batter would like to hit. This could easily result in a hit. These pitches are better then the red area, but not near as good as the pitches in the green area.

3. The green area is the “Pitch Zone” or the pitching area of choice. This zone extends two inches on the home plate and two inches off the home plate. This is a perfect target, and if a pitcher can pitch to this area they can control the game.

4. The white is an “Extra Zone”. If a pitcher is pitching in the green areas, the entire game they van try to push it a little further, this will make the ball even harder to be hit. Sometimes the umpire will give you a few in this area, but be careful they are not going to give away many in this area.

The Strike Zone Mat is the most portable home plate on the market. When your finished using the mat just roll it up, and stick it in your bat bag. No other practice home plate does that!

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