Fastpitch Cheer Show

FastpitchCheers_120 They cheer like crazy in fastpitch.

As you may know I use to coach my daughter's fastpitch softball team. I use to love coaching those young ladies for many years. As a former youth fastpitch softball coach, I know first hand how much a part of fastpitch softball cheering has become.

Cheering is not just a part of youth fastpitch softball. They cheer like crazy in all levels of fastpitch softball. Yes, even in college you will see the player in the dugout cheering to help motivate their teammates.

If you have a fastpitch softball team that loves cheering in the dug out, then this is the show for you. You can watch teams as they show you their favorite softball cheers. I have even included the text version of the cheers for you in the posts.

Of course at the end of ever episode I have a short commercial for my website

To see this show on Youtube CLICK HERE

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