A New Podcast Circle Is Starting

You can call it Multicasting

Multicasting ImageIf you follow me at all then you know I am a big believer in Multicasting.

Just to be clear I did not make up the concept of multicasting. I actually got the idea from an old friend Paul Colligan.

I thought I would create a post about a new podcast I have started, and the circle of marketing I am building around it.

The new podcast is the Fixer Upper Podcast. If you are a fan of The Home And Garden Network (HGTV) you are very familiar with the Fixer Upper TV Show. The TV Show stars Joanna and Chip Gaines.

The Gaines family live in Waco, Texas and together they remodel homes. They attempt to take older homes (Fixer Uppers) and make them into a Dream home for their clients.

This is a very popular show, and the host Joanna Gaines is quite the marketer.

My wife is joining me on The Fixer Upper Podcast. This is the first time we have recorded a podcast together, and it is a new experience for us both.

I believe this may be the first independent podcast of an HGTV Show.

Now that you understand the podcast subject lets get back to the marketing circle which like I said is the multicasting part.

In case you are not aware my wife and I own, and operate the largest wallpaper store in Texas. I built my first website for this store back in 1996 at LelandsWallpaper.com

Everything I am going to talk about building in this post is being built to market the wallpaper store and website. The podcast, the blogs, the Facebook accounts, the Twitter account, everything is built to help sell more wallpaper and decorating products.

Newsprint wallpaperAnother great thing for me is the fact that Joanna Gaines has teamed up with York Wallcoverings to come out with her own line of wallpaper. Of course I already have Joanna's wallpaper books on my website at LelandsWallpaper.com/JoannaGaines.

This will add a special touch to the podcast and marketing of the wallpaper website since Joanna is now putting her wallpaper into some of the homes she decorates.

Step 1: Create the Podcast. I am not going to go into this very much. Their are plenty of sites that explain how to podcast, but I will run a commercial for the wallpaper store on every episode

Step 2: Set Up A Blog. This was another basic, and easy step to do. We set up a WordPress Blog for the podcast at FixerUpperPodcast.com. This also allows up to post banner ads and sidebar ads for the wallpaper store.

Step 3: Make A Facebook Group. Of course you need a Facebook Group to get your fans involved. I made one at Facebook.com/groups/FixerUpperPodcast. Of course we will post about decorating, and the wallpaper store here too.

Step 4: Set up a Twitter Account. For this podcast I decided to use my wife's Twitter account to make it more personal. Her Twitter account is at Twitter.com/KathyLeland

Step 5: Set up a corresponding blog. This blog works to market the podcast, and the core business which is the wallpaper website. For this podcast I took InteriorDecorate.com as the blog name.

Step 6: Podcast Directories. Now, of course, I have set up the podcast on the major directories like iTunes, Stitcher, Speaker, and etc.

Step 8: Started a newsletter. Gathering names for the podcast mailing list will not only allow me to send information to fans of the podcast, but it will allow me to send special offers from the wallpaper store.

Step 9: YouTube Videos. I have built a YouTube page to market wallpaper. My wife Kathy creates video reviews of new wallpaper books. We have actually done very well on wallpaper sales already from these reviews at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLVIkpCq1M9aSW58Sayuxhg/videos

Step 10: Set up a secondary Facebook Group at Facebook.com/groups/DecorateInteriors This is just anther place to attract people and get them involved.

These are the first steps I use in creating the circle of marketing around my Wallpaper Store. It will grow as time goes by and I add more resources.

I thought I would at least share what I have going on so far. I also hope that this will give you some ideas of your own, and help you make your own Circle of Marketing.

Fixer Upper Podcast

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