Header Fun

Gary Leland Jurassic ParkI have been making fun headers on my Instagram account for quite a while.

Over the last couple of years I have made dozens of images which I photo shopped into well recognized movie scenes.

These photo shopped images have received thousands of likes, and have actually helped me grow my following on Instagram.

They are also fun to create. They get a lot of comments from my followers that I love to read.

Now I have started using the same marketing approach on my Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GaryLeland, and on my Twitter page at Twitter.com/GaryLeland

I think the images will have the same effect on Facebook as they had on Instagram, but I am not sure what the effect would be on Twitter. Since Twitter does not update followers with tweets when you update you header, I do not see it as a big marketing method to grow followers there. It really does not matter what the effect is since it is so much fun to create these headers and see how many places I can put my logo.

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