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Turning a single podcast into a podcast network

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I have been posting episodes of the Fastpitch Radio Show since 2004 when the first episode appeared under the name The Sports Podcast.

It has taken on many different variations since then, but now it is taking a giant leap. I am moving from a single podcast to a full network of podcasts. Yes, the Fastpitch Radio Show is becoming the Fastpitch Radio Network.

I got the basis idea of how to set up the network from my good friend Scott Sigler. In case you are not familiar with Scott he is the genius behind Scott is a writer that gives away his books as free podcasts.

Back in 2005 Scott gave away his first book Earth Core as a podcast. His podcast was an instant hit, and people loved it.

After he finished Earth Core he started his second book as a podcast. Since this was a new book he started a new podcast feed with a new RSS.

What was the problem with this? The problem was all of his dedicated listeners had to subscribe again. That means he lost all his subscribers, and had to get them all to subscribe again to the new podcast feed for his new book. He ended up using one feed for all his books that came out in the future. So if you subscribe to one of his books you will get all of his books.

I remembered this when setting up my network, and used his strategy of having one feed for my network of softball podcasts. Just like he now uses one feed for all of his book.

That means a fan can subscribe to one podcast feed and receive all the podcasts in my network on that one feed.
Fastpitch Radio Show App on iTunes!
So starting Monday January the 4th a softball fan can subscribe to my iTunes feed at and receive all the shows I am adding to the network.

Get the app on iTunes at

The network will have three podcasts to start with. Of course I am continuing the Fastpitch Radio Show. I am adding Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson and her Fastpitch History Podcast as show number two. Then Dr. Sherry Werner Ph'd will bring us the Fastpitch Expert as show number 3.

People can also subscribe on android devices with Stitcher, or Tunein. They can also just listen on the web by going to the site at

I am in talks with a few more possible podcast producers for the network. I do not know what the total possibilities for the network are, but I do know by everyones shows being on one podcast feed we all benefit every time there is a new subscriber.

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