Podcast Movement 2014

podcast MovementThe new Podcast Movement is a go.

Podcast Movement is a new conference I am creating with the help of a few friends. Dan Franks, Mitch Todd, Jared Easley, and I are all working to create this great new conference.

Podcast Movement is for anyone that is currently podcasting, or is interested in podcasting.

It sounds weird to say, but I guess I can call it an international conference since people are coming from as far away as Europe, and Australia.

KickStarterThis is a new event for all four of us, but things seem to be off to a great start. We decided to use Kickstarter to kick off the event. Our goal was to raise $11,000 in thirty days. By the time the thirty was over, we had reached over $30,000. This great start confirmed that their was an interest in a podcast Conference.

What can you expect?

Attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on their choice of sessions, as a part of our Beginning Podcaster Track, that are aimed at helping new podcasters turn their creative ideas into podcasting realities. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics for those just starting out, ranging from technical setup demonstrations, to panels of podcasting coaches teaching you what makes their rookie students stand out, and everything in between. This will be the destination to help you get started.

We are also excited to be offering a second track: our Advanced Podcaster Track, where veterans of the craft can go improve on the foundation they've already built. We've secured some of the world's best podcasters to host sessions that will help those with experience take their show to the next level. Whether it's showing you unique equipment or software setups to add the missing element to your episodes, or teaching you professional level techniques that will help you stand out from the competition, you're guaranteed to learn how to make your show better.

And we'd be remiss to not talk about our keynote speakers who will take center stage to kick off each day. These hand selected guests will bring unique and interesting takes on the typical podcasting model, and help show you what it takes to set yourself apart from everyone else's noise.

If you are not already podcasting, or don't have the desire to begin podcasting, then this conference is not for you. We want our mission to be clear: If you have a podcast now, you'll learn how to raise the bar. If you've had the dream of getting one started, you'll learn how to pull the trigger. Only come to the Podcast Movement if you have the burning desire to improve and succeed.

To find out more about Podcast Movement (CLICK HERE)


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