Podcast Interviews And Why I Love Them,

They may be the best marketing resource in existence

Gary Leland Interviewed

Interviewed by Mark Joeckel

I really, really love being interviewed.

As far as I am concerned there is no better marketing tool in my toolbox than an interview on a someone else's podcast.

Why do I say podcast interviews are such a great marketing tool?

Let me count the reason for you.

1. It does not cost me anything to allow someone to interview me on their podcast. All it takes is a little bit of my time.

2. The lifespan of a podcast interview can be almost forever. Especially if the content is evergreen, or a subject that will be of interest for a long time.

3. An interview on an unknown or new podcast may turn into many more listens than expected. If the podcast takes off, or become a big time hit more people than expected will hear your interview.

It is amazing how many times a listener will download the entire back catalog of a podcast they discovered, and feel in love with.

You never can tell when that fledgling podcast with become a big time hit.

4. Many times podcast listeners will hear your interview, and contact you about being on their own podcast for another interview.

gary leland-jaime tardy

Interviewed by Jamie Tardy

5. Many times I will start a relationship with a podcaster that lasts for years. I will see them at other events like podcast conventions, or social media conventions.

At these events they will introduce me to their podcast friends which can lead to more business connections, and even more interviews.

6. Podcasters appreciate you taking the time to come on their podcast, and are more than happy to repay you if you ever have a need for their services, or a question they can help you with.

7. I have made so many long term friends from what started as a simple interview. This may actually be the best thing that can come from a interview.

I don't think I really need to go on much more to explain how exciting a simple interview can be.

It does not matter if it is a seasoned pro like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire, or someone I have never heard of recording the first episode of their podcast. I have never said no to anyone, and I never plan to ether.

As I stated at the beginning or this post I love being interviewed on podcast, and believe they may be the best marketing resource in existence.

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