Multicasting For Content Creation

a great method for creating more content

Multicasting is a great way to create content.



I am creating live video chats every weekday morning at 9:30 at At the moment I am in the middle of a series about multicasting.

Muticasting is taking one piece of content, and distributing it to as many places, and formats as possible.

While I did not invent the concept of multicasting, I am trying to make this post one of the best examples of multicasting for people that are interested.

For this example of multicasting I am using a video interview for the original content.

If you have any examples I may of missed please message them to me on Facebook at

MULTICAST EXAMPLES: *The original content I am using is a video.

VIDEO VERSIONS: This version uses the video as is, and is the first step in my posting process.
1. YouTube —
2. Vimeo —
3. Online Magazine Video —
4. Video Podcast on iTunes — http://Fastpitch.TV/vitunes
5. Roku —
6. Twitter Video –
7. Video iPhone App –
8. Video Blog Post – http://Fastpitch.TV
9. Facebook Page Video –
10. Apple TV – Search fastpitch on Apple TV
11. Video Podcast On Blubrry –
12. Video Podcast on Google Play —
13. Video on Linked In Company Page –
14. Video on a specialty blog –
15. Video on your Google Profile –

AUDIO VERSIONS: For this version I pull the audio out of the video. I normally use this version 6 months down the road. I do not want it to compete with the video version.
1. Audio Podcast iTune — http://Fastpitch.TV/aitunes
2. Audio Blog –
3. Audio iPhone Podcast App — http://Fastpitch.TV/aaitune
4. Audio Post on Facebook –
5. Audio Podcast on Blubrry –
6. Audio Podcast on Google Play –
7. Audio Podcast on iHeartRadio –
8. Audio Podcast on Spotify –
9. Audio post on a Facebook Page –
10. Audio post on in a Google Community –
11. Audio Post in a Facebook Group –
12. Audio Post on Linked In –
13. Audio Show on Linked In Company Page –
14. Audio On You Tube
15. Audio quote on

TEXT VERSIONS: For this version I transcribe the audio into text. I normally use this version 12 months down the road so I don't compete with the video or audio versions.
1. SlideShare http://Fastpitch.TV/slideshare
2. eBook —
3. Text Blog Post — http://Fastpitch.TV
4. – http://Fastpitch.TV/paperli
5. Online Magazine Text Article —
6. Text Quotes on Instagram –
7. Text Quote on Pinterest –
8. Text Quote on Linked In –
9. Text Quote on Twitter –
10. Text Quote on Google P)us –
11. Text as part of an infographic

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