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One of the things that I have been working on for the last few months is creating a network of media to help market my store Leland's Wallpaper, and the store's website LelandsWallpaper.com.

I started the business back in 1981, and built the website in 1996. Yes, being built in 1996 was like the olden days of the internet.

Over the last few years the site has had a loss In traffic and business partly because of Google's dislike of the site. I am sure Google disliked the website for not being mobile friendly, and other issues the site had.

After spending the time to completely rebuild the website I started my new marketing plan to get the site back in Googles good graces.

I have made several posts about the steps, and process I have been using to help spread the word about the store and in turn increase sales. You can see some of those previous posts on my blog.

I have been creating blogs, podcasts, and I have been using social media sites to really push the site out to the internet.

I am so happy with the results so far. And have to say my plan seems to be working very well.

I have included an image of my google statistics for one of the pages in the site. I have really been working hard on promoting this page and this graph shows some great results.

google stats

This graph shows the increase in visitors to one page about Joanna Gaines' new wallpaper book Magnolia Home over a 60 day period. As you can see there is a great increase in traffic to this page.

One of the best things that has happened to help promote the website was really just a side benefit of the marketing I have been doing myself.

Yesterday on the Today Show's blog my website was used as the go to resource for purchasing the wallpaper from Joanna Gaines new wallpaper book.
today show
They interviewed Joanna and were posting about the interview and her wallpaper . They not only used a link to my site on the blog, but they had 6 separate links to to 6 of my website pages.

OMG, can you say Google Juice. Having a high authority site like Today.com linking to my site 6 times is fantastic.

Yes it was great for Google Juice, but it was also great for getting readers of the Today Show blog to come to my website to purchase wallpaper.

You can see the blog post on the Today's Show Blog Here.

Like I said my plan on blogging, podcasting, and using social media are paying off big time, and this is just the start of my new marketing plans for LelandsWallpaper.com

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