I Am Going To Be A Grand Daddy!

Amanda & BrandonA month, or so ago my daughter Amanda called.

She called from her home in Hawaii, and told my wife that she had mailed us a package. That it was a surprise gift, and we were not to open it without having her on the phone. She needed to give us some special instructions while opening it.

Just as she said a box showed up at our front door on Saturday morning. Kathy immediately picked up the box, and made the call to Amanda. I have to admit I was kind of confused. I mean why did we have to call her before we opened the box. If she had to give us some special instructions why didn't she just tell us when she made the original phone call?

When she answered the Face Time call (I love Face Time), Brandon, her husband was sitting with her on the couch. I probably should of guessed what was up at this time. I am normally pretty good at figuring stuff like this out, but this time I was clueless. Maybe since I have never had a grand child I just didn't catch on.

As we opened the box, Kathy, my wife started screaming. I still didn't get it. I guess I am not really very quick after all.

Amandas SurpriseInside the box was a small pink stove made out of construction paper. On the stove it said, Brandon & Amanda have a bun in the oven. On the handle to the oven door it said Due 7-30-2014.

I finally got it, and I was surprised, excited, and emotional all at the same time. To say my wife was excited is putting it mildly. I think she has so many friends with grandchildren that she was ready for some of her own. Yes, we were both very excited.

I have a feeling that having grandchildren is one of those major stages in a persons life. A stage that changes things forever. Very much like the stage of life that develops when you have children. The way having children changes everything about your life forever. I am sure having grandchildren will do the same to both Kathy, and I. If it brings on a stage of life as great as having children was, then I am defiantly ready for it.

After the phone call Kathy asked me, what do I want the grandchildren to call you? I say grandchildren because with two daughters I have a good feeling there will be a few of them. But, back to the subject of what do I want the grandchildren to call me? I had never thought about that at all. I guess Kathy had thought about it for a while. She had a few names that she had come up with, and was trying to narrow it down to one.

I thought it over for about thirty seconds. Then I remembered that I called my grandfather “Grand Daddy”, should I use that? I know this sounds weird, but this is one of the only times in life you get to choose the name you will be called by. Do I need to spend a lot time, of thought on this? How important is it to have the correct name for your grandchildren to call you?

Well, I went with the tried, and true name from my childhood. Grand Daddy It is. It worked for my Gand Daddy, and I think it should work for me just fine. At least Grand Daddy is a name you can't go wrong with.

A few days ago, Amanda emailed me the Sonogram of my grandchild. I thought I would end up by sharing it with you. I can't wait for the first of August to get here. Then I can hold my first grandchild.

My Grand Child


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