Creating Fixer Upper Products

for the Fixer Upper Podcast

If you have been keeping up with everything I do then you already know I started a new podcast with my wife to help market our decorating websites.

Kathy, and I decided to produce a podcast about the HGTV Fixer Upper TV Show.

The TV Show has ben one of the top shows on HGTV, and has brought quite a bit of fame to the show hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Every Tuesday Kathy and I watch the latest episode. Then we record our podcast on Wednesday night. I edit, and upload the podcast Thursday around noon.

As part of our marketing program I decided to create Fixer Upper Gear to sell on the podcast, and the website too.

Fixer Upper Podcast Cap $19.95

The first thing I created was the Fixer Upper Podcast Caps. I think it is a perfect fit too sell on the podcast. I thought it would be an item that men would like, and since this podcast will attract more women listeners they might buy the caps for their husbands.

The Fixer Upper Podcast Hat

Next I created a ladies t-shirt. Instead of creating a t-shirt for the podcast I made a generic fixer upper t-shirt. The t-shirt says “GOD, knows I am a Fixer Upper”. I thought that was a great saying, and made a cute t-shirt. Only time will tell if this is a winner or not, but I think it will be.

Fixer Upper T-shirt $19.95

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Both items are available now, and will ship to customers within 24 hours.

I hope you enjoy the first 2 items for the Fixer Upper Podcast.

Fixer Upper Podcast

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