Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Where to buy them

BitcoinI am now a Bitcoin Evangelist.

I have been involved in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for since September on 2017.

That may not seen long by normal standards but in the world of Cryptocurrency that is like 7 years. I say that somewhat as a joke but in many ways it is a reality.

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing and changing at such a fast pace that it is really hard to believe.

For instance I started buying Bitcoin at in September at around $3,600 amd now it is about to pass the $20,000 mark.

The entire world seems to be watching and wondering what to do with Bitcoin.

Since I have become somewhat know as an expert on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency people are always asking me questions.

The number one question I am asked is “Where do I buy Bitcoin?”.

My family members have all asked, along with many of my friends so I thought I would share my recommendation.

I recommend starting out at Coinbase.

Coinbase seems to be the easiest to use, and one of the most reputable exchanges on the market.

If you use my affiliate link at you will receive $10 worth of Free Bitcoin when you open an account of $100 or more. The sweet thing is that I also receive $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you sign up. I call that a win/win deal.

As you get more experienced in the world of Bitcoin you may decide to use another exchange, but for the inexperienced person Coinbase is the best place to start.

Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase

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