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I am now a member of the press

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Back in 2004 I started a sports podcast which evolved into the Fastpitch Radio Podcast. Then I created The Fastpitch TV Show and blog and a few years later I created The Fastpitch Magazine.

I have been recording podcasts and vidcasts for quite a few years now, and have produced close to 1000 shows. I am now considered one of the top bloggers in the world of women's fastpitch softball.

One of the biggest benefits of spending all these years recording and blogging is the fact that I am now seen as a real member of the press.

At the moment I am sitting in the press box at the 2016 NCAA Women's College World Series. The game does not start for a few hours, so I am all alone. I am just using this alone time to write this post and share my joy of building myself into a member of the press. I must admit this is a great way to watch a sport that I really enjoy.

Not only do I sit in a great location, I have field access for photography. I actually get to go down on the field and take photos. I am telling you this is really cool.

This is actually maybe my 5th year at the Women's College World Series, and I enjoy it more and more every year. I have met so many people that have helped my career, and have also become great friends.

I am at the point now where people at the event recognize me from my shows and blog and take time to tell me how much they enjoy and appreciate what I do. I must say that it is always a great feeling to meet someone that appreciates my work.

I always feel a little weird when someone wants to take a photos with me. I am not sure why, but I really don't know why people want a photo with me. After all I am just an old dude working on building content.

It looks like softball will be in the Olympics in 2020. It will be fantastic if softball gets in the Olympics. The most fantastic thing about it is that I will probably be there as a member of the press.

Now that will be way too cool.

Wish me luck.

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