BallStickers.comI have been heavily involved in girls fastpitch softball for many years. I actually coached a team in Texas to Two State Championships. My team was named Da'Bomb, and we won the fourteen year old, and the fifteen year old Texas State Championships.

I had a lot of great players on those teams, and those young ladies gave me everything they had when they were on the field.

While coaching this team I came out with several training aids, and one of them was Ball Stickers which I even sell at

Ball Stickers can be used on softballs or baseballs. They come in three shapes, squares, circles, and triangles. Then these three shapes come in three colors.
Ball Stickers
To use Ball Stickers you simply apply them to a ball. Then you start the player off with a simple task. As you toss the ball to the player they must identify the color of the sticker and announce the color before they hit the ball.

after they get use to this process they move to step two. Now in step two they say the color, and shape before they can swing at the ball.

This really makes a player learn to concentrate on the ball before they hit the ball, and in turn they become a better player.

Ball Stickers are simple, but effective.

You can buy Ball Stickers at

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