Social Media Marketing World 2017

Season 3 Ep 10

Gary Leland Show S3 E10 Social Media Marketing World 2017Gary Leland Show Episode 36
Thanks for tuning into another episode of the Gary Leland Show! Today I am excited to discuss the 2017 Social Media Marketing World conference in California hosted by Michael Stelzner. You can find the article I wrote about my first trip to this event here:

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Another cool thing that happened to me was that I was featured at my very first book signing. The Barnes & Noble booth at the conference set up a time for me to do signings for my podcast book “100 Great Podcasting Tips: From 100 Great Podcasters.” You can read the details of this article here:

Switching gears, I discuss my latest event with the Arlington Social Media Marketing group. We had a great turn out and this was also our first meeting at a new location here in Arlington. At last month's meetup, I was talking about needing to find a new location and a local business owner offered to hold the meetup at his offices. We had over 70 people attend for our very special guest, Dennis Yu Facebook Advertising and Digital Marketing expert.

A Great Time for Networking and Teaching in Arlington, TX

Don't miss our next event with Steve Kuntz, “Feeding The Beast, How To Establish, Grow And Dominate Your Amazon Business”. Sign up and RSVP today at

I wrap up this episode with a look into the new podcast I am doing with my wife Kathy, the Home Town Podcast. This is our second unofficial podcast following an HGTV TV Series and I am really looking forward to the results that I think will come from this new show. I give you some very interesting stats regarding our current show the Fixer Upper Podcast. The Home Town Podcast follows a new and unknown show compared to the size and popularity of Fixer Upper, I believe will actually do better for us. Listen till the end as I share the secret to why I see this smaller name podcast doing so well for us.

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