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With The Podcast Repairman Website I am moving into a new direction. I am moving into the world of service sales. That's right, I am now selling a service. I am really known for selling products. By products I mean physical products like wallpaper, sporting goods, books, and even podcasting equipment. But I don't think I have ever sold a service.

The podcast Repairman is a new service for people that want to podcast, but do not want to do all the grunt work involved behind the scenes. Their reasons maybe be that they are way too busy. It may be that they just do not want to learn the technology involved with podcasting. I am sure their are other possible reason, but whatever their reason I am here to fill the need.

What does The Podcast Repairman do?

The Podcast Repairman service does almost everything there is to do in creating a successful podcast. We do the producing, the editing, the art work, the intros & outros, the uploading, the and distribution of your podcast.

What does the podcaster do?

The podcaster does the most important, and maybe the easiest part of the process. The podcaster records their podcast show. Yes, they record the audio file and that is it.

After recoding the file they send it to me, and I handle everything else. I have tried to make this service a full turnkey service. I want this to be as easy as possible for the new podcaster. I even help new podcasters with their equipment needs. I spend the time to tell them what they need, and how to record their show.

If this sounds like something you would are interested in, or just want to find out more about go to and see what this is all about.

I will personally help you along the way to starting a great new podcast. You can have your new podcast going in less than a week.

Fastpitch Radio Network

Developing A Niche Podcast Network

Fastpitch Radio Network of Fastpitch Softball Podcasts

How I Created A Podcast Network With Industry Talent

Starting a Podcast Network has been the talk of the town over the last few years. Many people have tried, and many people have failed.

Two years ago I was speaking at New Media Expo in Las Vegas. While I was there I ran into an old podcast buddy of mine, Migon Fogarty. Migon better know as Grammar Girl runs the Grammar Girl Podcast Network. I guess it is great to know people that are successful at one thing or another. Because of our friendship Mignon spent at least an hour explaining how she set up her network. She answered so many of my questions.

After the conversation with Mignon I decided to expand the show I created in 2004 to include multiple shows. I decided to do one thing different from Mignon. I decoded to release all the shows into the same podcast feed. This way I can drive more traffic, and grow the audience without the need to launch a new podcast.

When a new podcast is added to the feed it has an audience of subscribers from day one. This creates a large subscription base for every podcast immediately. Since every podcast is about the sport of fastpitch softball the coaches, parents, and player that listen are interested in any shows that are added to the feed.

Fastpitch Radio Softball Only Podcast Network

Another great thing about having all the podcast in one feed is the fact that when a podcasters promotes their podcast they are really promoting everyone podcast.

I am excited to announce the official launch of, The Fastpitch Softball Podcast Network. All Softball, All The Time!

I have reached out to my network of great softball personalities, as well as repurposing video content I recorded with big names in the industry. In order to create multiple shows under one podcast brand.

This concept allowed me to launch a website dedicated strictly to Fastpitch Softball audio content. Released on a weekly basis, at no extra cost! This created a secondary site to drive traffic to my business and run my own ads on each episode. The benefit to the host is they get more exposure for their name and brand.

I edit, produce, and upload all the episodes, so the only thing my new host has to do is record their episode and send it to me. What could be easier?

In developing this new format for podcasting, I am now able to add another service to my brand in the form of Podcast Editing, Producing, and Publishing. I will be launching a new site dedicated strictly to this service. So if you are looking to podcast, need help podcasting, or just want the work done for you, contact me today to discuss the plans I offer.

How can you get started today?

Schedule a Free Podcast Consultation! Email Me or Call (209) 763–8225

“Turn Key” E-Commerce System Hosted Dallas Charge Merchandise Store NPF

How I Created A Turn Key Solution

When the National Pro Fastpitch League added a mew team in Frisco, Texas I immediately contacted the new Dallas Charge Management to see how I might be able to help them.

They wanted to build a store on their new website at, but did not want to create it themselves, or even operate it themselves.

I came up with the perfect solution. I not only built them a store located at, but I also inventory all the products they manufacture.

Then I take in the sales when purchases are made, and even ship them to the customers.

This partnership is a FULL turn key service on our end. All they do is supply us with more inventory as we sell out.

Oh yea, we just added our second pro team as a customer. We are now working with the Houston Scarp Yard Dogs.

How can you get started today?

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Wordpress Design, Website Hosting, Management

Wordpress Design, Hosting, Graphics, Podcasting, and Publishing

I have been creating websites for over 20 years and currently run over 25 WordPress websites. People started asking me “Who does your website?” or “Do you know anyone that can build a website?” As the demand rose I decided to start offering my knowledge and expertise as a service. Take a look below to see what I can do for you.

Have you been looking for help developing a website for your business, or event?
Look no further! I specialize in helping you stand out online with your new project. I work with each client individually to understand and bring their vision to life on the web.

What I Have To Offer

Website Design:
I help you create a fully responsive website utilizing today’s top website platform, WordPress. By building a strong website you are able to establish credibility and trust with your potential buying market.

Graphic Design:
My team can create custom graphics and images to suit your needs. Looking for a custom logo? We’ve got you covered. I can provide you with designs for Social Media, Websites, Podcast, Apps, and more!

I am experienced in publishing content in many formats from e-books to paperbacks, digital magazines, mobile apps and blogs. After writing your content we can help design and publish high quality digital products.

Podcasting is in my blood. I have the knowledge and tools to help you set-up, record, and publish your audio or video content. One of the best ways to market your online or retail products. The perfect way to build a target audience.

wordpress-design-logoWhy Choose Me For Your Website WordPress Design, Hosting, & Publishing Needs?

I am devoted to help take your vision and brand it effectively online. By setting up a rock-solid website you are able to gain credibility and trust with your potential markets.

Website Specialists – I am devoted to help take your vision and brand it effectively online. By setting up a rock-solid website you are able to gain credibility and trust with your potential markets.

Save Time & Money – My team is dedicated to create a stress free experience. Let me manage your new project so you can save the time and frustration of building your own website.

Improved Lead Generation – A website should be focused on the ability to generate more leads to help you grow. I help you design a website that is focused on reaching your target market and generating new leads.

Trusted Resource – Work with a dedicated team to build trust. My staff will focus their energy to bring your online business into reality. I want to be your “Go-To” resource for online development.

How can you get started today?

Schedule a Free Website Consultation! Email Me or Call (209) 763–8225

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Their time has come Why would a softball player wear a faceguard?

Fastpitch softball players all over the country are wearing faceguards. It is very common to see pitchers wearing them, and 1'st and 3'rd basemen too. I have even seen outfielders wearing them.

Faceguards are becoming accepted as a common peace of equipment for fastpitch softball players.

About 5 years ago a company named Rip It Sports started marketing wire softball faceguards. When I first saw them I was unsure about them, but had a feeling they might become popular. It turns out that they sell great, and once again I feel I was right on with my thinking.

When I saw the Softball Faceguards I went straight to Go Daddy and started checking domain names. I was not surprised to find that almost every domain name you could think of was available for purchase. I started buying name right away.

The list of domains I bought include the following:

There may be one or two more, I just don't want to look them up.

I tried to buy every domain name that I could think of that could be used for softball faceguards.

My daughter Amanda is my model.

My daughter Amanda is my model.

My thoughts are that it would be worth the cost of the domains to keep any competitors from using them.

Then I created a website, and started stocking all the brands of softball faceguards I could find. I believe I now stock every brand and type there is. Now I even have masks that are custom painted. That means many of them are exclusive to my site, and not available anywhere else. I have created the only website dedicated to just this one product, and it has the biggest selection on the net.

If you are a parent or coach reading this, you are going to love the selection I offer.

To look at CLICK HERE


Lelands WallpaperThis is the website that started it all back in 1996.

Back in 1996 when the Internet was still young, I thought I would start a website. I wasn't a techie kind of person by any means, but I did find the Internet amazing. Even though I was not anywhere close to being a techie, I knew immediately that the Internet was the future. I also knew that I needed to start moving my businesses into that world asap.

I called the local high school, and asked for the computer teacher. I asked her if any of her students could build a website. She told me all of them could. Then I asked if any of her students were looking for part time work? It turned out that the answer was yes too. By the end of the week I had a part time high school kid helping me build my first website.

I hired someone to help in house because I wanted to learn from them. I thought that long term I could learn the basics of building a site, and use that knowledge to maintain the site myself. Another reason was that I could get a high school kid for under seven Dollars an hour. Not knowing anything about anything, I thought this was a cheap way to build and learn.

The next step was to get images of wallpaper patterns to put on the new website. I proceeded to call my wallpaper sales reps. I asked them if they had any images available for me to use on my new website? I still remember all my vendors telling me how stupid of an idea it was to try and sell stuff on the Internet. I was told over and over that people would not buy stuff on the Internet.

They all said that people needed to touch the wallpaper in order to buy it. I remember saying that I would buy stuff on the internet, and that I thought of myself as being kind of average. In other words if I would do it, so would others. All I can say that I am glad I did not listen to them.

It is kind of amazing how many times I have been told that something would not work. All I can say is don”t listen. You do not want to fail because you did not try. I wonder how many people did not try something at some point in their life because they were told it would not succeed, only to see someone else do it later, and succeed?

I guess I don't need to say that I went on to build the website, and it was one of the first decorating websites on the internet. is a great source for wallpaper, plus many other decorating items. Everything from murals, to borders, blinds to accessories.

Most of the items I have on the website are stocked in my Arlington, Texas store, and ship out within 24 hours.

If you want to see the Lelands Wallaper Website CLICK HERE


Strike Zone MatThe Strike Zone Mat is another one of my creations.

The Strike Zone Mat is a training aid for softball, and baseball pitchers alike. It was made to be used by pitchers while warming up before a game, or throwing to a catcher during practice.

The different colored areas on the mat represent different pitching areas.

1. The red area is a “No Throw Zone”. Pitchers do not want to pitch in this area, or it will probably result in a big hit.

The Stike Zone Mat

The Stike Zone Mat

2. The yellow area is a “Caution Zone” Pitchers can pitch in this area, but do it with care. The yellow area is still an area a batter would like to hit. This could easily result in a hit. These pitches are better then the red area, but not near as good as the pitches in the green area.

3. The green area is the “Pitch Zone” or the pitching area of choice. This zone extends two inches on the home plate and two inches off the home plate. This is a perfect target, and if a pitcher can pitch to this area they can control the game.

4. The white is an “Extra Zone”. If a pitcher is pitching in the green areas, the entire game they van try to push it a little further, this will make the ball even harder to be hit. Sometimes the umpire will give you a few in this area, but be careful they are not going to give away many in this area.

The Strike Zone Mat is the most portable home plate on the market. When your finished using the mat just roll it up, and stick it in your bat bag. No other practice home plate does that!

To see the Strike Zone Mat Website CLICK HERE


Sports DecoratingThis was the second website I built.

At the time I built this site I had already built one website which was, and I was adding products to the site as fast as I could.

Since I am a big sports fan, I was buying and adding sports related products to the website. I think I had about every sport covered, and stocked decorating items of all types. I had everything from lamps, to wallpaper, rugs, to bedspreads.

Then a friend of mine gave me an idea. He said you should make a sports only decorating website. It did not take much more to get me started, all I ever need is an idea. So immediately I started working on

Sports Decorating Items

Sports Decorating Items

I basically just took all the sports items I already had on and made a second website with just these products.

I created a website for sports fans. You can decorate your man cave, or home with draperies, bedspreads, accessories, and other decorating products from your favorite teams.

Baseball, or football, college, or pro we have decorating items for them all. Pick you sport, and pick your team.

This is a great site for a college kids to decorate their dorm with their schools logos.

Take a look, and you will see what I mean.

To see the Sports Decorating Website CLICK HERE


Mini HelmetsYikes, no website for mini helmets?

Many years ago Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman was going to sign autographs at a car dealership close to my house. My kids decided we would go meet Troy, and get his autograph.

I thought that one of those little football helmets (mini helmets) would be great to get signed. I had seen mini helmets on the sets of some sports programs. I had even seen the helmets in sporting goods stores before.

I decide just to go buy one on the Internet. Sitting down at my computer I typed in, and There was not a website at ether web address. Then I jumped on GoDaddy, and checked the availability of both domains. They were both available, so I bought them both on the spot.

I bought them even though I did not have any mini helmets to sell. To be more to the point I didn't even know where to get them. So, immediately after buying the two domain names I jumped on a search engine, and searched the term Mini Helmets. After about five minutes of looking I found a wholesale distributor that would sell me mini helmets. Not only would they sell them to me, they would even ship the helmets from their warehouse straight to my customers.

I now stock mini helmets in my Arlington store.

I now stock mini helmets in my Arlington store.

Now that I had a supplier, the next step was to create a website for I built a website, and added images from the distributors website to my new website. The next thing you know I am in the mini helmet business.

My website is still up, and running to this day. The website even comes up on the first page of Google search results for mini helmets. Yes, it is on the first results page on Google even though I have never spent a second on SEO, or a penny on advertising.

I guess the take away is, that you need to be open to opportunity. When the domain name failed to pull up a website, I could of just kept searching. I could of stayed on my original path to find one Mini Helmet. Instead of finding one mini helmet I now mini helmets all over the country.

Tunnel vision is the enemy of the entrepreneur.

To see the Mini Helmet Website CLICK HERE.


Bunt Sock The Bunt Sock is an invention of mine.

Having coached my daughter's softball teams for many years, I saw that many of the players have a hard time laying down a bunt on command. This skill is more important in fastpitch softball than it is in baseball. Players really need to know how to bunt in fastpitch softball.

I thought about it for a while, and tried to help my players improve their skill at bunting. I discovered one of the main reasons players have a hard time laying down a bunt is because they do not watch the pitched ball until it hits the bat. Many times they start looking at where they want the ball to go instead of watching the ball until it hits the bat.

I invented the Bunt Sock to help players learn to watch the ball until it hits the bat. The bunt sock is basically just a sock with three colored dots on it. The sock slides over the bat, just like a sock goes over foot.

The Bunt Sock

The Bunt Sock

The idea behind the Bunt Sock is simple. While a player is at batting practice the coach calls out a color, and the player has to bunt the ball while making the ball contact the appropriate colored dot on the Bunt Sock.As the player does this over, and over it forms a habit of watching the ball until it hits the bat. Once that habit is formed, the player is good to go.

Here is an old video with my daughter about the Bunt Sock.
To see the Bunt Sock Website CLICK HERE


Newsoftball junk logo started my journey into the online world of sports.

The website was created while I was coaching my daughters fastpitch softball team for a few years. The name of the team was Da'Bomb Softball. Da' Bomb was formed when the girls were twelve, and competed until the young ladies were sixteen. We were one of the strongest youth teams in the state. We won two state championships back to back. Winning the fourteen year olds, and the fifteen year olds Texas State USSSA Fastpitch Softball Championships. We also placed fourth, and fifth in National World Series Championships.

Da' Bomb Softball

Da' Bomb Softball

I enjoyed coaching these young ladies so much that I actually started a league in Arlington. The Arlington Fastpitch Association was its name. The first year we had four teams, and competed at a very high level.

With four teams the costs of uniforms and other equipment were very expensive. I had the idea that I would create a website to sell softball equipment, then I could call manufacturers and convince them to sell to me at a wholesale price. Well, that did not work. This was in 1999, and back then many wholesalers would only sell to companies with a retail location. Most wholesalers didn't want anything to do with small Internet businesses.

Some wholesalers did give me the name of distributors. At that time there were quite a few sporting goods distributors. Most of sporting goods distributors disappeared as the internet grew. These distributors would sell their products to me at around thirty percent off retail. Not only did the discounts help on purchasing equipment for my teams, but I also put their products on the website at retail, and was an overnight success. was actually the first website on the internet to specialize in girl's fastpitch softball equipment. Until then fastpitch softball players ether bought online from slowpitch softball websites, or baseball websites. I guess that is the reason became a success so quickly.

SoftballJunk Store Front

SoftballJunk Store Front

After the first year business was so strong that I opened a fastpitch softball store in Arlington, Texas. Today the store sells fastpitch, and slowpitch softball equipment as well as baseball equipment.

Then I moved into more sporting goods websites, and started moving my fastpitch softball into the world of social media with the Fastpitch TV Show.

Yes, this was the website that started my journey into sports. is now starting its fourteenth year of business, and is doing better than ever.

To see the website CLICK HERE.


Fastpitch FlowersIf you love Fastpitch Softball you are going to love Fastpitch Flowers. is one of my newest websites. Fastpitch Flowers are made by cutting up fastpicth softball, and using them to create the petals. These fresh, funky flowers are constructed with yellow and red softball seams and life-like stem. Show off your softball spirit, or give as an award, or appreciation to that someone who always supported you! Great for parties or banquets, team functions, and ceremonies. They are the perfect gift for any softball fan on your list!

966 flower

Fastpitch Flowers are available in single, half dozen, full dozen, and two dozen quantities. Flowers are in-stock in my warehouse in Texas, and usually ship the next business day.

To see the Fastpitch Flowers Website CLICK HERE


Fastpitch TV

FastPitchTV_Avatar_125x125 I started the Fastpitch TV Show back in 2009.

At the time I started it as an infomercial about products I sold on my website I thought it would be a good way to help sell softball equipment.

Five years later the Fastpitch TV Website has evolved into a full network for the sport of fastpitch softball. This site consists of six video shows. These shows have been seen over three million times in over 100 countries.

The site also has an audio podcast, a monthly magazine, books, blogs, tools, and other fastpitch softball information.

The Fastpitch TV Website is used by players, coaches, and fans of fastpitch softball.

I truly believe I am offering more free softball content than anyone on the planet. I think you will agree.

To go to the fastpitch TV Website CLICK HERE


Basecoach Helmets After a few base coaches passed away due to head injuries many leagues now require base coaches to wear helmets.

There are also colleges, and high schools that require coaches to wear helmets while coaching the bases.

Helmets have become a much needed piece of safety equipment in both the sport of baseball, and softball.

To go to the Base Coach Helmet Website CLICK HERE


Bat TapeIt does not matter if it is baseball or softball, fastpitch or slowpitch sometimes your bat has to have the grip replaced.

The Bat Tape Website has a large selection of bate tape to choose from. Bat tape also comes in a large selection of colors. So get your fancy on with a bat tape in team colors.

One of the best things for users of this site is that we stock all the bat tape on the site in our Arlington, Texas warehouse. Most orders ship with in 24 hours.

To see the Bat Tape Website CLICK HERE


Catchers Zone Catcher have specific needs, and equipment that is specific to their position.

Catchers Zone specializes in catchers for both fastpitch softball, and baseball. The site carries many of the major lines, and stocks everything in its Arlington, Texas Website.

Most of the products on this website ship with in 24 hours from the time the order is placed.

To see the Catchers Zone Website CLICK HERE


Eyeblack Stickers People are use to the eyeblack of old. The type of eyeblack that was a grease paint type substance. You smeared the old style eyeblack under your eye, and it could make a mess.

Today people have switched over to stickers made to serve the same purpose as the grease paint type.

The eyeblack stickers are great because you just put them on before the game, and peel them off when the game is over.

You also can now have design and team logos on your eyeblack stickers, as well as colors to match your team.

To see the Eyeblack Stickers Website CLICK HERE


Weighted Balls Weighted balls are great training aid for both baseball, and softball player alike. Players from any position on the team can benefit from using weighted balls.

Weighted balls are exactly that, weighted balls. Baseballs, and softball that come in different weights. The weight form less that a baseball, or softball to a lot more.

To see the Weighted Balls Website CLICK HERE


Baseball Junk Soon after I started the Softball Junk I thought to myself, if I could do this well in softball why not do baseball.

Next thing you knew Baseball Junk was created. Baseball Junk is a website that specializes in baseball gear only. Everything from bats to balls, cloves to training aids. This is a full baseball equipment website.

Almost everything on this website is stocked in my warehouse.

To see the Baseball Junk Website CLICK HERE