WristbandCoach.comIt is kind of funny the way things can change over time in the game of softball. A great example is the introduction of the Wristband Coach.

The Wristband Coach is really a simple tool that so many softball players use. Take a wristband and put an area for notes on it, and you have a Wristband Coach, and the notes are the plays the coach will be calling during the game.

On many softball teams they will give a Wristband Coach to every player on the team. I kind of think the pitcher and catcher would be sufficient, but I guess sharing the info with everyone might actually be a better move.
Wristband Coach
During the game, the coach sends in the pitch, or play as a signal, and the players can look at their notes on their wrist band and see what the play the signal corresponds to.

These have gotten so popular that we made a new website to sell them at WristbandCoach.com and they are selling great.

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