World Softball Day Did you know there was a World Softball Day? I guess there is a day for everything.

I did not know until a few years ago. As soon as I heard I looked up the domain name, and when I saw there was not a website in place, I bought the domain name right away.

I then made a website for World Softball Day. I even made a logo for World Softball Day. I make the statement about the logo because a couple of years later someone made a press release about how they had just made the first logo for World Softball Day. Weird if they had just searched World Softball Day they would of seen one was in place already.
world softball day caps
On the website I sell caps for World Softball Day. While I do admit it is not my best selling product. It is not even my best selling cap, but the site is done and I really don't have to do much now except ship caps when orders do come in.

If you are interested in viewing this site just go to

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