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USA Olympic softballI started the Fastpitch TV Show about 10 years ago. During the 10 years that I have been recording and editing videos for the show I have interviewed 28 of the 35 olympians that played softball for the USA in the 4 Olympics Game that softball was a part of.

Shortly after I started interviewing Olympians I took up the challenge to interview every player that played softball for the USA Olympic team. Whenever I was preparing to interview a softball Olympian I would do a little research on the soon to be interviewee.

I quickly realized there was not a single source of information on the US Softball Olympians. Thus was born. includes the bio of every US Softball Olympian. It turned out to be a great tool. Anytime I am at an event that an Olypian is at I can pull up her bio on the spot. This really helps me more than you think.

Now I have started adding my interviews to the player bios. I hope I have made something that will help document the sport of Softball and its involvement in The Olympics.

Dill Domains

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