TurboSlotGloves.com While most gloves worn by baseball and softball players while batting are called batting gloves, the inventor of the Turboslot Gloves calls them hitting gloves.

Fred Willot invented the Turboslot Glove, and he calls them hitting gloves because they actually help you become a better hitter, rather than just helping with your grip the bat like most batting gloves do.

I met Fred many years ago when he still owned Turboslot Gloves, and he was a great guy. I was always impressed with how he could remember everyone name that he ever met. At least it seemed like he could.

I made my daughter try his Turboslot Gloves when she was in the 9th grade. The difference was amazing. It was so amazing she never used another batting glove again.

I asked Fred for permission to make a site with the domain TurboslotGloves.com. Of course, he replied. Anything to sell his gloves.

Fred ended up selling the Turboslot Glove patent to Easton Sports. I hope he made a lot of money.

Her is a video of Fred explaining how the Turboslot Gloves work.

If you should happen to be in the market for some great hitting gloves please go to TurboslotGloves.com

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