The Softball Quiz App (iTunes)

SoftballQuiz_AlbArt120Another one of my apps for the iPhone.

This app is a fun game to test your knowledge of softball? If you think you know a lot about fastpitch softball, the Softball Trivia Quiz app mat be right app for you. This is a fun little trivia game that tests your general knowledge of fastpitch softball. There are questions about softball history, softball rules, and much much more.

Questions have a value of 2 points per question. Answer all 50 questions right to get a perfect score of 100.

This is not the most complicated app in the world, but it is fun, and you will learn something. Take the quiz, and get your score. Then pass it to another player on your team and see how well they do answering the same questions

Chances are that you so not know as much about fastpitch softball as you think you do.

It does cost 99 cents in the iTunes app store.

To see this app in the iTunes Store CLICK HERE


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