The Podcast Repairman

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With The Podcast Repairman Website I am moving into a new direction. I am moving into the world of service sales. That's right, I am now selling a service. I am really known for selling products. By products I mean physical products like wallpaper, sporting goods, books, and even podcasting equipment. But I don't think I have ever sold a service.

The podcast Repairman is a new service for people that want to podcast, but do not want to do all the grunt work involved behind the scenes. Their reasons maybe be that they are way too busy. It may be that they just do not want to learn the technology involved with podcasting. I am sure their are other possible reason, but whatever their reason I am here to fill the need.

What does The Podcast Repairman do?

The Podcast Repairman service does almost everything there is to do in creating a successful podcast. We do the producing, the editing, the art work, the intros & outros, the uploading, the and distribution of your podcast.

What does the podcaster do?

The podcaster does the most important, and maybe the easiest part of the process. The podcaster records their podcast show. Yes, they record the audio file and that is it.

After recoding the file they send it to me, and I handle everything else. I have tried to make this service a full turnkey service. I want this to be as easy as possible for the new podcaster. I even help new podcasters with their equipment needs. I spend the time to tell them what they need, and how to record their show.

If this sounds like something you would are interested in, or just want to find out more about go to and see what this is all about.

I will personally help you along the way to starting a great new podcast. You can have your new podcast going in less than a week.

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