Girls wear headbands. That is just a fact, and softball players are no different. They wear headbands too.

One of the special things about Softball Headbands is the fact that they really do look like softballs. Maybe I should say they look like the seams on softball.

At first they were red seams on optic yellow leather. Yes, they looked exactly like they were made out of real softballs. Then they started coming in all kinds of colors. Colors like black, green, red, pink, and even zebra stripes.

These headbands were popping up on players all over the USA. They became so popular that I decided to make a website to sell them, and thus was created.
pink softball headband
My niece came over to the house one afternoon, and I talked her into doing a photo shoot. She was a cute young girl, so we shot photo after photo of her wearing the headbands.

It may of taken longer to shoot all the photos then it took to make the website, but the site is great.

If you want to look at the large selection of headbands on the site just go to

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