PodcastJunk.com I doubt you are too surprised by the site name PodcastJunk.com. After all I operate BaseballJunk.com, SoftballJunk.com, and even SportsJunk.com. Since I am into podcasting, and websites with the word junk PodcastJunk.com is natural choice for a website domain.

The website basically sells Stuff for Podcasting, or should I say Junk for podcasting.

Of course we sell the standard items you would expect like podcasting books, and even some microphones.

But we also sell custom phone covers for podcaster. We actually add their logo to the phone cover. It is a cheap way to help you spread the word about your podcast.

The number one item we sell is in our clothing line. Many years ago my friend and fellow podcaster Scott Sigler made a licensing agreement.

As it happened Scott was getting ready to write a series of sci-fi book about a football league of the future named the Galactic Football League.

Seeing how I had a uniform shop we agreed I would provide custom football uniforms to his fans, and I would pay him a royalty on every sale.
Kacken Uniforms
It ended up that there were 8 books in the Galactic Football League Series so we have been selling the jerseys for quite a while.

They have been a great success, and Scotts fans love them. If you ever go to one of Scotts book signings or any other of his events you will see these orange jerseys everywhere.

Take a look at PodcastJunk.com

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