MartinCoverall.comWant To Add Unique Designs To Your Coveralls?

At Martin High School here in Arlington, Texas the senior girls wear black Dickies coveralls to the football games on Friday nights.

This is a trend that has been the norm for many years. They even wore these when my daughters went to high school.

They buy the black Dickies coveralls, and have them customized with all types of embroidery. On the front they have their name embroidered over the pocket, and the Martin High School Rocking M Logo on the other chest.

On the back they add the large Martin High School Warrior Head. That's what's pretty much standard on every pair of coveralls we sell.

Then they personalize them with by choosing the designs that best reflect their personality. They add designs to the legs, arms, and wherever they feel they need a design.

We have thousands of designs that we can embroider on their coveralls, so there is little chance of them not finding what they need.

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