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Are You Interested in Mining Cryptocurrency?

If you follow me at all you can not help but know that I recently moved into the world of cryptocurrency.

Maybe that statement does not really describe my new adventure properly.

It would probably be more correct to say I have fallen down the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency, or I drank the Cryptocurrency Kool- Aid might even be a better term.

It does not matter how you say it, the basic message is that I am totally consumed with this exciting new world.

I have started The Crypto Cousins Network with my good friend and new business partner Tony Cecala.

The network consists of The Crypto Cousins Podcast which you can subscribe to at

We are presently on episode 19 and pushing out around 50,000 downloads per month.

Of course have a website/blog located at

There is also a new informational site at to help people when they are trying too find a wallets for their cryptocurrency.

Yes, we have all the social media going including a group on Facebook.
Turnkey Mining
Our new e-store sells mining equipment at

This has been one of our most successful parts of the Crypto Cousins Network. We are selling the Ethan plug and play mining machines as fast as we can get the parts to build them with.

We have quite a few people that just want to try and build their own miners. They ask us all the time what parts are we using to build these miners.

So Tony and I are happy to share this information with anyone that asks. To make it easier for people to get I have included the full list of parts for you on this post.

Good luck and I hope this list helps.

Here is our parts list for PC Mining:
Ethan Mining Rig Complete List:
[amazon box=”B00PDDMN6S” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B01MYTY55V” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B01NGU1LHM” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B01NCVICRY” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B00K85X23O” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B01BGTG41W” template=”horizontal”]
[amazon box=”B004AGXHNC” template=”horizontal”]

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