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How I Created A Podcast Network With Industry Talent

Starting a Podcast Network has been the talk of the town over the last few years. Many people have tried, and many people have failed.

Two years ago I was speaking at New Media Expo in Las Vegas. While I was there I ran into an old podcast buddy of mine, Migon Fogarty. Migon better know as Grammar Girl runs the Grammar Girl Podcast Network. I guess it is great to know people that are successful at one thing or another. Because of our friendship Mignon spent at least an hour explaining how she set up her network. She answered so many of my questions.

After the conversation with Mignon I decided to expand the show I created in 2004 to include multiple shows. I decided to do one thing different from Mignon. I decoded to release all the shows into the same podcast feed. This way I can drive more traffic, and grow the audience without the need to launch a new podcast.

When a new podcast is added to the feed it has an audience of subscribers from day one. This creates a large subscription base for every podcast immediately. Since every podcast is about the sport of fastpitch softball the coaches, parents, and player that listen are interested in any shows that are added to the feed.

Fastpitch Radio Softball Only Podcast Network

Another great thing about having all the podcast in one feed is the fact that when a podcasters promotes their podcast they are really promoting everyone podcast.

I am excited to announce the official launch of, The Fastpitch Softball Podcast Network. All Softball, All The Time!

I have reached out to my network of great softball personalities, as well as repurposing video content I recorded with big names in the industry. In order to create multiple shows under one podcast brand.

This concept allowed me to launch a website dedicated strictly to Fastpitch Softball audio content. Released on a weekly basis, at no extra cost! This created a secondary site to drive traffic to my business and run my own ads on each episode. The benefit to the host is they get more exposure for their name and brand.

I edit, produce, and upload all the episodes, so the only thing my new host has to do is record their episode and send it to me. What could be easier?

In developing this new format for podcasting, I am now able to add another service to my brand in the form of Podcast Editing, Producing, and Publishing. I will be launching a new site dedicated strictly to this service. So if you are looking to podcast, need help podcasting, or just want the work done for you, contact me today to discuss the plans I offer.

How can you get started today?

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