Fastpitch softball cheersThere is one thing that is always true in girls fastpitch softball, and that is the fact that girls love to cheer when in the dug out.

Players can be any where from first graders to college level players, and they all love to cheer while in the dugout. Cheering is a way for them to get themselves pumped up, while having fun in a way that fits in the game.

It is so much a part of the game that I created a website just for fastpitch softball cheers.

First, I found two teams that would allow me to film them going through 25 different cheers. I filmed both teams and edited up the video into small clips. Then I added the text to each clip and was created.

As far as I know it is the only site on the net with not only the cheers in text, but videos and audio to go along with it,

If you are looking for some great cheers for your softball team go to

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