Quotes On Twitter?

Twitter Quotes What is the deal with Twitter and quotes?

I have had Twitter accounts for years. Actually I think I started my first Twitter account the first month, or so that it was online.

Even though I have several accounts on Twitter until recently I have only spent time on my softball account at Twitter.com/FastpitchTV. I feel like I have been somewhat effective at building the account for Fastpitch TV as I am over 29,000 followers.

I am not very active on that account, and only follow 14 people at the moment, but the account has grown just the same. The main reason that account has grown is the fact that my staff puts out a lot of great softball content everyday.

Lets move on to my personal Twitter account which is at Twitter.com/GaryLeland. This account has been just sitting there for years. I have really never done anything with my personal account until recently.

I decided I would start using my personal account, and build up my followers. I started posting more, and more often and I am even interacting with other people.

I have to admit I am happy with the growth in my number of followers. It went from almost none to 3,000 followers in a very short amount of time.

I have actually started spending a good bit of time on the account. I have been reading a lot of post from the 300 or so people I follow.

I am really in shock at the number of people that just post other peoples quotes. Quotes are close to 40% of what I see in my Twitter feed.

I don't mind the idea of quotes that much. It is just the fact that they are all other peoples quotes. I wonder do these people just buy ebooks of quotes on Amazon. Then copy and post a couple of new quotes every day.

I figure that buying the ebook would be the easiest way to do this, so I searched for books of quotes on Amazon.

OMG there are literally tons of books of quotes on Amazon, so I think I am on track here.

Then I have to wonder are there that many people that want to see quotes that bad. I mean if there are the guys who write these quote books must be making a ton of money since there is so much demand for quotes.

Then I wonder is there not a copyright on quotes? I saw one book that had 1000 quotes in it. I just can't imagine someone is paying 1000 people every time they sell a copy of there book?

So to get back to Twitter, I just wonder if there are many people who really love seeing the same quotes over, and over again from all there different people?


My Camera Bags Are Getting Smaller And Smaller

My video equipment is getting smaller, and smaller too.

My Video Camera Bags

My video camera bags really are getting smaller

I shoot a lot of video, and I mean a lot.

I started recording back in 2006 when I created the first episode of my first video podcast.

The name of the podcast was the Fastpitch TV Show. I am probably getting close to 1000 episodes of the show, and it has been very successful. It has also really helped my website at SoftballJunk.com grow over the years.

As the title of this post states the bags that I use to carry my equipment have really been getting smaller, and smaller over the years.

The main reason they have shrunk is due to the size, and amount of equipment I use. In particular the size of my camera has really shrunk.

When I first started recording video I used a camera that held mini tapes to record on. This was not only a big camera, but I needed to carry extra tapes to record on.

Then I moved from a camera that used tape to a camera with a hard drive. That helped me to downsize my bag the first time. Yes, not only was the camera smaller, but it was a lot better, and easier to use.

Now I record almost all my video with my iPhone. With the updates to the camera on the 6S version of the iPhone it records great video. The iPhone really shrunk the camera load I carry.

The iPhone not only does a great job of recording, it can also handle my audio recording too.

So now my video camera bag is my podcast equipment bag too.

Yes, my camera bag has really shrunk, and I love it.

Podcast Dallas Meetup Group for Podcasting

Header Fun

Gary Leland Jurassic ParkI have been making fun headers on my Instagram account for quite a while.

Over the last couple of years I have made dozens of images which I photo shopped into well recognized movie scenes.

These photo shopped images have received thousands of likes, and have actually helped me grow my following on Instagram.

They are also fun to create. They get a lot of comments from my followers that I love to read.

Now I have started using the same marketing approach on my Facebook Page at Facebook.com/GaryLeland, and on my Twitter page at Twitter.com/GaryLeland

I think the images will have the same effect on Facebook as they had on Instagram, but I am not sure what the effect would be on Twitter. Since Twitter does not update followers with tweets when you update you header, I do not see it as a big marketing method to grow followers there. It really does not matter what the effect is since it is so much fun to create these headers and see how many places I can put my logo.

Fixer Upper Podcast

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet Up Group

Arlington Social Media Marketing I love going to Meet Ups. I have seen so many great speakers, and I have spoken at to so many great groups.

One of the best things about Meet Ups is that fact that they are made up of small to mid size groups of people. The small size of the groups make it easy to ask questions, and really get involved.

All of the Meet Ups I have been going to are in North Dallas are of Texas. Like I said they are great, but it is such a haul to Dallas, and back all the time.

I decided it was time for Arlington, Texas to a great Meet Up. With the way my mind works that can only mean one thing. If I am unhappy with the status quo, I change it by doing my own thing. In this case that means starting my own Meet Up Group.

The hardest part of starting my own Meet Up in Arlington was finding a space that I could use. Most of the spaces I found were available in the mornings, but not in the evenings. I wanted to hold my Meet Up in the evening, so that caused me a big issue.

Finally one day when I was speaking at an event for the public library someone recommended a location. I called the location and they were more than happy to have me host my Meet Ups at their location. The best part about this location is the fact it was free to use.
Arlington Social Media Marketing Group
I immediately scheduled my first Meet Up and called my good friend and WordPress expert Tony Cecala. Tony agreed to speak and he was a big success. He really helped us kick off the Arlington Social Media Marketing Group with a bang.

I have now been having the Meet Up for seven months, and it is going great.

Our last Meet Up was attended by around 50 people , and every speaker that has volunteered their time to speak has been fantastic.

This has turned out to be the best Meet Up group in Arlington for us techie type people by far.

If you would like to see what we are up to go to SocialMediaArlington.com

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The Fifth Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Have you established your personal brand? by Caz Gaddis

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I thought that Arlington, Texas needed a meet up group for social media, so I started The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our fifth meet-up in September, 2016.

Our special guest this month was Caz Gaddis, and her presentation was “Have you established your personal brand?”.

I recorded her presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.

Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

The Fourth Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Live Streaming by Erin Smith

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I thought that Arlington, Texas needed a meet up group for social media, so I started The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our fourth meet-up in August, 2016.

Our special guest this month was Erin Smith, and her presentation was “Live Streaming”.

I recorded her presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.

Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

Multicasting For Content Creation

a great method for creating more content

Multicasting is a great way to create content.



I am creating live video chats every weekday morning at 9:30 at Facebook.com/GaryLeland. At the moment I am in the middle of a series about multicasting.

Muticasting is taking one piece of content, and distributing it to as many places, and formats as possible.

While I did not invent the concept of multicasting, I am trying to make this post one of the best examples of multicasting for people that are interested.

For this example of multicasting I am using a video interview for the original content.

If you have any examples I may of missed please message them to me on Facebook at Facebook.com/GaryLeland.

MULTICAST EXAMPLES: *The original content I am using is a video.

VIDEO VERSIONS: This version uses the video as is, and is the first step in my posting process.
1. YouTube — http://youtube.com/softball
2. Vimeo — http://vimeo.com/fastpitch
3. Online Magazine Video — http://FastpitchMagazine.com
4. Video Podcast on iTunes — http://Fastpitch.TV/vitunes
5. Roku — https://channelstore.roku.com/details/3633/fastpitch-softball-tv
6. Twitter Video – http://Twitter.com/FastpitchTV
7. Video iPhone App – http://fastpitch.tv/vaiTune
8. Video Blog Post – http://Fastpitch.TV
9. Facebook Page Video – http://Facebook.com/FastpitchTV
10. Apple TV – Search fastpitch on Apple TV
11. Video Podcast On Blubrry – https://www.blubrry.com/softball
12. Video Podcast on Google Play — GaryLeland.com/gpvideo
13. Video on Linked In Company Page – https://www.linkedin.com/company/fastpitch-softball-tv?trk=prof-following-company-logo
14. Video on a specialty blog – http://USAFastpitch.com
15. Video on your Google Profile – https://plus.google.com/+GaryLeland

AUDIO VERSIONS: For this version I pull the audio out of the video. I normally use this version 6 months down the road. I do not want it to compete with the video version.
1. Audio Podcast iTune — http://Fastpitch.TV/aitunes
2. Audio Blog – http://FastpitchRadio.com
3. Audio iPhone Podcast App — http://Fastpitch.TV/aaitune
4. Audio Post on Facebook – https://facebook.com/softballradio
5. Audio Podcast on Blubrry – https://www.blubrry.com/fastpitch
6. Audio Podcast on Google Play – GaryLeland.com/gpaudio
7. Audio Podcast on iHeartRadio – http://GaryLeland.com/apiheart
8. Audio Podcast on Spotify – http://GaryLeland.com/aspotify
9. Audio post on a Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/softballradio
10. Audio post on in a Google Community – https://plus.google.com/communities/114639362287715012270
11. Audio Post in a Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/fastpitchsoftball/
12. Audio Post on Linked In – https://www.linkedin.com/company/fastpitch-softball-tv
13. Audio Show on Linked In Company Page – https://www.linkedin.com/company/fastpitch-softball-tv?trk=prof-following-company-logo
14. Audio On You Tube
15. Audio quote on http://Clammr.com

TEXT VERSIONS: For this version I transcribe the audio into text. I normally use this version 12 months down the road so I don't compete with the video or audio versions.
1. SlideShare http://Fastpitch.TV/slideshare
2. eBook — http://fastpitch.tv/WCWSbook
3. Text Blog Post — http://Fastpitch.TV
4. Paper.li – http://Fastpitch.TV/paperli
5. Online Magazine Text Article — http://FastpitchMagazine.com
6. Text Quotes on Instagram – http://instagram.com/fastpitchtv.softball.show
7. Text Quote on Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/214132157262051591/
8. Text Quote on Linked In – https://www.linkedin.com/in/softball
9. Text Quote on Twitter – https://twitter.com/FastpitchTV/status/765224220238368768
10. Text Quote on Google P)us – https://plus.google.com/+GaryLeland/posts/C3zsK85Zdfh
11. Text as part of an infographic

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The Third Arlington Social Media Marketing Group Meet Up

Should You Add Podcasting To Your Social Media Mix by Mitch Todd

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I formed The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our third meet-up in July, 2016.

Our special guest was Mitch Todd, and his presentation was “Should You Add Podcasting To Your Social Media Mix?”.

I recorded his presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.


The Second Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

Can You Really Make Money With A Blog? With Tim Gillette

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I formed The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our second meet-up on June 23rd, 2016.

Our special guest was Tim Gillette, and his presentation was “Can You Really Make Money With A Blog?”.

I recorded his presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.


Because Of My Podcast And Blog

I am now a member of the press

softball press pases

Back in 2004 I started a sports podcast which evolved into the Fastpitch Radio Podcast. Then I created The Fastpitch TV Show and blog and a few years later I created The Fastpitch Magazine.

I have been recording podcasts and vidcasts for quite a few years now, and have produced close to 1000 shows. I am now considered one of the top bloggers in the world of women's fastpitch softball.

One of the biggest benefits of spending all these years recording and blogging is the fact that I am now seen as a real member of the press.

At the moment I am sitting in the press box at the 2016 NCAA Women's College World Series. The game does not start for a few hours, so I am all alone. I am just using this alone time to write this post and share my joy of building myself into a member of the press. I must admit this is a great way to watch a sport that I really enjoy.

Not only do I sit in a great location, I have field access for photography. I actually get to go down on the field and take photos. I am telling you this is really cool.

This is actually maybe my 5th year at the Women's College World Series, and I enjoy it more and more every year. I have met so many people that have helped my career, and have also become great friends.

I am at the point now where people at the event recognize me from my shows and blog and take time to tell me how much they enjoy and appreciate what I do. I must say that it is always a great feeling to meet someone that appreciates my work.

I always feel a little weird when someone wants to take a photos with me. I am not sure why, but I really don't know why people want a photo with me. After all I am just an old dude working on building content.

It looks like softball will be in the Olympics in 2020. It will be fantastic if softball gets in the Olympics. The most fantastic thing about it is that I will probably be there as a member of the press.

Now that will be way too cool.

Wish me luck.

See everything I do at Lelands.org

Fixer Upper Podcast

The First Arlington Social Media Marketing Group

WordPress: Platform for a Dynamic Internet Presence with Tony Cecala

The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group

I formed The Arlington Social Media Marketing Meet-Up Group, and we had our first meet-up on May 26th, 2016.

Our special guest was Tony Cecala, and his presentation was WordPress: Platform for a Dynamic Internet Presence.

I recorded his presentation for you.

You can join the meet up group HERE.


Interviewed on The Timelines Netcast

By Bill Conrad

Timelines ArtI was Interviewed by Bill Conrad on Timelines Netcast about my achievements in the business world. I talk about my first store that I created in 1979 all the way up to now in 2016 being a founder of Podcasting Movement.

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE


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Interviewed on The Dream Podcast

By Joe Pardo

Dreamers Podcast I was Interviewed by Joe Pardo on Dreamers Podcast.

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

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Interviewed on The Starters Club

by Erin Smith

startes Club This was my second interview with Erin Smith on The Starters Club.

You can find more interviews that I have given over the years HERE

This content is provided with a Creative Commons Share-Alike License. Feel free to use this content, so long as you give credit to Gary Leland, and link to http://garyleland.com


I Am Now Stocking The ProCast SST USB Microphone

ProCast SST USB Microphone / Audio Interface

Fits perfect on my crowded desk top.

As you know I sell stuff for a living.

If you consider that I sell stuff for a living, and that I love podcasting it is clear that I should start selling stuff for podcasting.

That is exactly what I am doing. The first product I decided to stock in my Arlington, Texas store is the ProCast SST USB Microphone.

I saw this set up at Podcast Movement in August, and decided this was a great product to start my new adventure into the world of podcasting equipment sales.

Let me give you a little info about this set up straight from the manufactures website:

ProCast SST USB Microphone

ProCast SST USB Microphone

There are many inexpensive options for recording podcasts that are available today, but what about the professional podcaster? Introducing Procast Studio Station by Miktek. The ProCast SST is a high quality USB studio condenser microphone with integrated radio style boom and on-board 24 Bit audio interface. The ProCast SST’s mixer section offers two inputs, which can be used to connect mic or line sources. Channel 1 allows you to use the onboard condenser microphone or select the rear panel ¼-inch Instrument/Line level input. Channel 2 provides a rear panel mini XLR to connect a second microphone, or selectable rear panel ¼-inch Instrument Line level input. Each input features a Mic/Line switch, Clip LED, a 60 mm studio quality fader, plus Mute switch. In addition, there’s a phantom power switch to power an external condenser microphone. The ProCast SST provides no latency direct monitoring, which can be mixed in with the computer playback. In addition, the SST has a second headphone output for producers or additional talent, or use the output to connect a set of control room studio monitors. The ProCast SST’s professional features makes it an ideal choice for home recording. Singer songwriters can easily record high quality vocals and connect electric and acoustic guitars or keyboards to produce professional quality recordings. If you’re serious about home recording or podcasts, you need the ProCast SST.

ProCast SST Features
Studio Condenser Microphone
• Internally shock-mounted large diaphragm 19mm electret condenser microphone
• On-board High-Pass filter
• Multi-stage steel grille
• Metal die-cast body construction

Microphone Boom and Base
• Heavy duty weighted desktop stand
• Adjustable radio style scissor boom
• Non-skid rubber feet

USB Audio Interface
• 24 Bit 2 x 2 Audio Interface with high quality converters
• Two channel inputs with selectable mini XLR or ¼” Input
• Records two vocal inputs, a vocal and instrument, or stereo instruments
• Adjustable input Level controls on 60mm faders
• Backlit input Mute switch
• Input signal level LED monitoring
• Adjustable input and playback blending
• Optional +48V phantom power
• Two 1/8” headphone outputs
• Individual headphone level controls
• Input mono channel summing

Included Accessories
• 3 meter Mini XLR to XLR Cable
• 3 meter USB cable
• Foam windscreen

Price: $299.00

Quantity in stock: 1

ProCast SST Brochure

ProCast SST Owners Manual

This content is provided with a Creative Commons Share-Alike License. Feel free to use this content, so long as you give credit to Gary Leland, and link to http://garyleland.com


Online Marketing With Chris Brogan

Season 1 Ep 2

Interview With Chris Brogan
Gary Leland Show Episode 2

Chris Brogan joins me to talk about marketing, and selling stuff of course. Chris is an old friend from the early days of podcasting, and I thought the perfect person for my first interview. – Produced By PodcastRepairman.com

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Gary: Chris, I really appreciate you coming on the show today. I am really excited to have you on our second episode and our first interview of the Gary Leland Show!

Chris: I am so thrilled to be here, Gary, this is the coolest! Long time fan, first time guest!

Gary: Yes, long time! We have been talking since the old days of podcasting, when that was something no one knew what it was.

Chris: Oh, I know. Like you and others, you have survived, you found a better way to do it, and you’re delivering, so I get goose bumps being here!

Gary: Thanks for the kind words. I am really wanting to talk to you about your session you are giving at Podcast Movement, for anyone who is not familiar with that go to “podcastmovement.com”, that is the seminar to come to for podcasting this year. You’re speaking there and your subject is podcasting as a business driver. That goes so well with the subject of our show, because we on the show talk about selling stuff, making money on the Internet, and just selling stuff. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Chris: It’s interesting framing because I think you’re right, there are so many people who are talking about selling “stuff” and they mean digital products or things that are really fast, one click kinds of things. You know, there are so many other kinds of products out there. My girlfriend Jacqueline for instance, she is a competitive fitness competitor, so she does bodybuilding and that’s her stuff. She shows up to these contests and one of the things they wear besides these really nice suits are costume jewelry, so she made a site. What was fascinating for me about how she did it though, is that she orders her product, she gets a bunch of product in like any other regular “mom and pop” store. She puts together a website using really simple software like Wix, and it takes her an afternoon with her camera, the jewelry, and Wix. She puts the whole thing up, starts a Twitter and Instagram account and starts going. Next thing you know she has a handful of customers. It’s just that easy to be a merchant these days. Once you start to get a little comfortable with some of those technologies, the swipes and squares, and everything of the world.

Gary: Do you see it like I see it right now? When I first started putting this show together, I went out hunting for people who sold stuff, that’s what I call it, “selling stuff”, on the internet. I went to groups on Facebook and asked who was selling stuff here using podcasting or social media? Everyone gave me people who sell e-stuff. That’s it. I didn’t get one person who said they sell “something”. Do you find that to be rare really right now, or am I just not seeing it?

Chris: I have to tell you that part of that is coming from the universe of people who like to say that you can make a million dollars online and here’s how you’re going to do it, you just have to be an authority on something, and you just have to do this, follow my lead. It’s just kind of filling the Internet with a bunch of silly stuff. I think that its not that there isn’t some value in those products, I sell informational products too! For instance I am involved in a network marketing company, and we promote this challenge where the actual product is a bunch of shakes, vitamins, and nutritional stuff to help you with weight loss, helping fighting obesity and childhood obesity, and that’s a hard, physical product. I just started with this company, Gary, and I have been using all of my internet tools and one of the two interesting things I have found is that where all of the cool kids hang out, like the Twitter’s and the Facebook’s have netted me nothing. Jacqueline put links in Craigslist and got way more, 100% more response, than I did with my hundreds of thousands of followers all over the social web.

Gary: That’s really interesting! So Craigslist, with her much smaller following than you have, drove more business than your following did on social media.

Chris: Absolutely. When you think about it, Craigslist doesn’t really have any concept of following or follower numbers, they don’t really know who put the post up unless if you do something to really highlight your profile in the body of the text. Everyone is on an even playing field there. Jacqueline with absolute anonymity beat the hell out of me with notoriety. You know, I have hundreds of thousands of people who follow me on all of these social networks and supposedly love what I do, and I got a handful of people of people and she got twice as many people with just a Craigslist post. The reason why I point this out, Gary, is I know you are a lot like me and you are not about the shiny objects. I also know that you are exploring other modalities. Doing things like podcast is valuable, I’m not saying that any of the new stuff is bad. I’m saying you can’t throw out the old stuff without thinking about it a little more.

Gary: That is such a good point. To me, right there, this time period was worth it. It’s amazing how long I have been selling stuff on the Internet and I have never done something as simple as go to Craigslist and make a post. I consider myself pretty intelligent on selling stuff!

Chris: Every meeting I have ever had with you, you seem like a grown up! The first time I ever had an inkling of this was when I was talking to Alexis Ohanian, who cofounded Reddit. She said, “Do you know where I am making my biggest success? I have a Hip Monk billboard. I put up a billboard in San Francisco and it drove crap tons of traffic to me.” I asked, “a billboard billboard? Like a physical one? With something weird like a QR code or something?” She said, “No, just a phone number and a URL.” I don’t know; it feels like everything old is new again. 70% of my business, even the Internet stuff I sell, 70% of it comes through my email list, which is a 1990’s technology. Everyone says that email is dead. Email is not dead, bad email is dead.

Gary: I have just started using email; I have never used it. I’ve been missing the boat, so I hope it’s not dead, I just started building my list in the last year. Is there anything else that y’all have done? That was such a simple tip, which I find many great tips are. Is there anything else that you may have experimented with on her jewelry line?

Chris: I just had this conversation, it’s a digital example but you can use it for something physical, something as simple as posting up a landing page. People get so wrapped around the easel about what that really means, but if you have a blog, you click add page, make sure there is no side bar and make sure that the content explains what it is that you are selling and you point people to that. People aren’t even doing that. People are doing much more muddy things to get things sold. They are worrying about the technology. Like I said, she used Wix; it’s free to join, you can buy a premium version. I think she bought the premium version and that fixed a few things and took off the ads that support free sites and all of that. None of it was high tech, she is pretty good with software, but she didn’t have to be. I think that there is so much opportunity really that you can do good stuff with. Start simple. You don’t have really simple landing pages for your products, real easy ways to explain what you are doing. I have a friend who is an EBay seller and the way I worked with her was I said, “listen I have a bunch of stuff I need to get out of my house. Why don’t we just split it 50/50, you do all of the work and I will bring all of the product”. All she does is she goes on and tweaks her ads and if they are not getting any kind of traction she takes them down and rewrites them again. She is like a little micro copywriter. She is having great results selling on EBay, it is so not dead. Marsha Collier wrote a great bunch of books including the “EBay for Dummies” series. She sold over 2 million copies of those books, so I would say she must know what she is doing or at least a lot of people think that is the best way to start learning. She has a mountain of advice in those “EBay for Dummies” books; she would be a good guest for this show.

Gary: You just went over landing pages. I wanted to ask a question that I have had on my mind for a while. Most people who have landing pages just go on and on forever. You just keep scrolling and you never finish the page, it’s like 10 pages worth. Is that the best way to handle a landing page or is it better to keep it a little bit simpler?

Chris: This is embarrassing to tell you, but it works. I can tell you from my own experiences that the minute I started putting longer, not as long as those scary yellow highlighter pages, landing pages, it worked. It converted way better than what I thought would work, which is small, brief, and to the point. What happens is this: there are a bunch of tire kicker, hem and haw, chew on the inside of their mouth kind of people who wonder “what if this”. You have to put as many “what if this” answers on the page as you possibly can to get them to click the buy it button. I think that it starts with maybe you should consider buy this buttons and by the time you’re at the bottom you’re cursing. I think that if you stick enough “buy” buttons in there as well so that people don’t have to scroll 300 miles to find the one that tells you the price. Just numerically through my testing, that’s what works. Just like when people hate pop ups on websites, the reason there are pop ups on websites including mine is because they work. There is hockey stick growth to newsletter subscription once you start to have pop ups. Christopher Penn said to me years ago, “You can hate it all you want. Once you put it on you will not take it off”.

Gary: When you say that the information is in there over and over, you are really closing all of the doors that could be negative reasons not to buy this product. They are just covering every negative reason why I wouldn’t buy, and making sure they are giving more reasons not to say no, to say yes.

Chris: You’ve got it. Jacqueline a long time ago made an excuse removal system. You have to come up with as many reasons to remove excuses as possible. She used it for exercise. If you remove all of the reason to not exercise, you will have a better shot at actually doing it. In this case you want every reason why not to buy to be handled as best you can and that will give you a shot. So if you are selling softball equipment, people could wonder if the gear is league qualified because he is in the south and my league is in Montana, maybe there are different rules. You would want to say “league certified in all 50 states” or whatever the language is. There are all of these things where you can mind read a little bit and scatter those around. If you charge a little more, you can do something like guarantee that they will get exactly the product you want and not a random substitute. There are all kinds of things you can throw in there that will help people get over their mental barriers and hurdles. The best way to think about this, especially if you sell things in the physical world, you want to think about what you would say across the table, if I were elbow to elbow with this person, what would I say to them to make them feel better. The other thing they are getting at that moment is they are looking in your eyes and they can’t do that on the net sometimes, so what are you going to make them feel like they can.

Gary: That’s a really good point. Let me ask you about your book. I heard Michael Selznick interview you about your book. I even sent you a comment, which I never do to anyone, because that book hit with me so much with what you were saying. Your book is “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”. Can you tell us what that means?
Chris: I wrote a book about entrepreneurship and it is for the not standard person, for weirdos, misfits, world dominators. The kind of person who wants this book is the kind who has gone to the bookstore and saw a book on entrepreneurship and saw two guys with suits shaking hands with briefcases and thought they were not that. A freak is someone who has a tattoo level obsession with doing business the way they want to do it, with the people they want to do it, and where they want to get it done. For instance, Reebok is a freak company because they like to work with the CrossFit people and the Spartan Race people, while Nike just says we just have a lot of shoes, we have you covered. I am looking at anything from solo businesses, to people who are employee-preneurs still working for the man, to companies who are looking at the world through this mindset of wanting to do business with a very specific tribe and I am going to love on them and I know that means I will miss some customers who don’t see themselves in what I am selling, but I know I will have so much fun selling to people who get me and know what I’m into.

Gary: We don’t have enough time to get into the book in depth, but you may want to Michael’s show and listen to the interview on this book because it’s great. You’re talking about something so basic to entrepreneurs. This gave “freak” a whole new meaning to me.

Chris: To me, one of the reasons I called it that, Gary, is because I wanted to dissuade some people. That is a really weird thing to think about as a seller but I have a really important opinion about this. My opinion is that you don’t want to sell to everybody. You want to sell to people who are like you, who get you, who are the kind of people that you would like. I want to do business I would want to have a beer with. I want to do business with someone I might actually like. That may not work the same way for someone with a hot dog stand because he probably just wants to put hot dogs in your mouth, but you’re in the softball world for instance. You like that world. You like the people, you like the game, you love talking to the folks that are there, the ones who really like softball and who can talk the inside game with you are who you like to surround yourself with. If I said Gary, that’s really cool, I need you to help me sell refrigerators, it’s not going to work the same way.

Gary: It wouldn’t have quite the meaning for me. But you know that hot dog guy would probably rather have people hanging around his stand eating the hot dogs that had something to converse about.

Chris: I would think so, and he would want people who would refer him. Referral and word of mouth is old as there is something to sell. I would imagine that thousands of years ago that if Ukluk had better berries than Mockmock, then Ukluk would get more traffic because someone said that he gives them the good berries and Mockmock gives them the rotten ones.

Gary: Where can people find the book?

Chris: It’s easy, just go to callingallfreaks.com and you can find it in whatever form you want it.

Gary: And if people want to follow you or join your mailing list you were talking about, where would they go for that?

Chris: Go to the same URL and it’s in the upper right hand corner. I will tell you that I like the book a lot, but the newsletter that I give out ever Sunday is the best thing I do period. If you get it, you’ll agree with me.

Gary: I heard the other day that your newsletter only goes out to your newsletter people. It’s not information that is rehashed from your website during the week, it’s information you have written just for the newsletter.

Chris: 100% right, Gary. Here is my thinking on that. If I am going to have you over to my house for dinner, I should probably not serve you leftovers.

Gary: That’s exactly what I am doing then; I am serving my guests leftovers! I’ve never thought about it and it hit me when I heard that you were putting original content in that newsletter. That’s a lot of work for that newsletter!

Chris: What I do is I make the website for Google and the non-believers and I make the newsletter for the people who did a little more than just stop and look. If I owned an art gallery and you stop in for the Ritz crackers, then you are not my buyer. I want to talk to the person who wants to understand what the brushstrokes were. I will make my website kind of easy and understandable so people can get it and I make my newsletter stuff you can make money from.

Gary: Chris I appreciate you taking the time to come on the show, and I will see you at Podcast Movement very soon.

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If you have a question send it to me at GaryLeland@gmail.com

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Please join my new Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and meet other people eager to help you with your business and marketing!

“There are no stupid questions. It's only stupid NOT to ask your question.”

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